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Now something about our spiritual side. IN MY OPINION and the opinion of many people the world over, is that we are spirit, living in an earthly body; a body made of flesh and blood, which eventually will go back to Mother Earth. The spirit will leave the body and lives on and may come back one day, to perform another tour of duty. Let me not dwell upon this too long, as it is a very difficult subject, with many different opinions, but one thing I will mention, that we have the responsibility, to keep our bodies well and clean, for our spirit to live in happily. It is our spirit’s castle.** Keeping our bodies healthy in every way, is also a social responsibility. A healthy person will not be a drag on society for medical help and therefore will help save thousands of dollars per year from the Governments budget.** It comes to mind, that some people smoke and drink too much alcohol, habits that are health risks, not only to the person himself, but also to his neighbours. We should really think about this a lot more.

If we are spiritually happy, people can feel and see that from a long way away. We will always smile and be friendly and give from our hearts, share and treat everyone like our brothers and sisters and fell good all the time.

I have been able to achieve this level and what a life I lead! We can all do it!

Let me also touch on the sexual side of life and what we should consider, especially when we want to start a family or create another child.

We can do 2 things to create a child:

  1. The method used normally is to engage in the act of having sex, without too much thought for the baby to be; you can JUST DO IT and wait for the result. This to me, is very sad!
  2. The other way is having consideration for that child YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE; “your love child”. You should give it a life of love, harmony, joy, happiness and all these beautiful things. After all, you are creating that child and he/she is having to accept the conditions it is born into. If you do not create the very beautiful conditions for this child, out of love, he/she is not going to like it and that child will rebel in time.

Beautiful circumstances will always be acceptable and valued by the newborn and he/she will conform to the rules and regulations of the household, because they are set with love in mind. I would like you to think about this and I will not go much further into this matter, except to tell you young parents. To take a long time planning this event, spending weeks or months together, in love and doing amazing things to one another (call this foreplay), before the time comes to actually bond and create that love child. This last act should be the least important act in the creating of the baby.

There are too many accidental births in the world and a lot of them are unwanted children; I call them Accidents of lust! I am telling you this in the name of your baby, because I just love children and they are drawn to me. They cannot talk, so I ask you*, in their name*, to consider them**.

I did not know all these facts either, when I started my family and I am really sorry for that, but my child conceived and born in the before said manner, IS AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING!

Recently I read the series of books called;”The ringing cedars of Russia”, of which “Anastasia” is the first book. When I came to the section about childbirth and what Anastasia believes in, it was identical to my thoughts. I cried a little, it was so nice to have conformation of a beautiful deed.

To close my time here today, I will answer some questions, till I get kicked off the floor, but please do not ask me to cure you, as I am retired and that would be a clinical situation.

In “Victory over diseases” and on “Articles” in my Website, you will find a lot of guidelines, that will make you make up your mind where to go or what to do.

If at any time you would like me to hold a discussion group, where we can spend a lot more time on details, I will be pleased to accommodate you. I am in town now and not far away.

Today and tomorrow, listen to all the speakers and take from all of us those messages, that will help you. Some of them may not suit you or pertain to your circumstances, but that is natural. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. The end.

Thank you for your attention.


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