The path to Paradise

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The path to paradise.

Two houses, side by side, were listed by the heritage council and the occupiers were asked to have an open house, for the public to inspect them. Between these houses, there was a space of landwhich was not looked after and pretty rough. The wife of one house talked to her husband and said it would be nice to do the exhibition, but we should clean the alley and put a table and some chairs down near the river, for people to sit and have a refreshment as well. We should go and have a talk to the neighbours and see what they think. They all decided, that it was a good plan and they should make it a pathway, by mowing the grasses and levelling the ground, so it can be used on a regular basis for themselves as well.

After a few weekends, it was all done and it looked pretty good indeed. They put a table and some chairs there on the river’s edge and these two families, met there often, where before, they did not see each other  that much. This in itself was a good thing to happen.

When the day came for the heritage inspection, a lot of people turned up and they all ventured to the river for a look and have some refreshments.

The owners of the two properties, used this spot, to meet each other on a regular basis, as they thought this was paradise to them.

Paradise is what we should all be aiming for; a spot on this Earth, we can call paradise; a spot where we can be and feel very much at ease and even grow our own food.

Let’s face it, the writing is on the wall, as it cannot go on, the way they rape the Earth. A blind man can see it clearly.

Mining companies, timber cutters and alike, are doing what they want with resources that belong to every one, just so they can reap in billions of dollars of money, without considering the average person, who has as many rights to their piece of Earth as these big companies have. The Earth belongs to all of us and we should respect that. Nobody should claim that they own the Earth or even part of it. Just because they stake a mining lease claim, does not mean they own the land and can destroy it the way they do. I travelled far and wide across Australia and have seen other lands as well in the past, where large areas are totally destroyed by these gigantic machines, just to get coal, iron ore, timber etc, for profit.

It is up to us to stop buying so many gadgets and be such heavy consumers and grow some of our own food for starters, which is healthier and better for us, than the stuff we buy from the supermarkets, which has been heavily sprayed and picked too young, to do us any good. I have written about this so much, so please read my book and some of the articles in my website.

The path these people made in the story above, is something we should all think about. Create a Paradise, where we can be with the family all the time and this space is usually our garden, if you live in the city or the suburbs. To grow your own food does not take too much effort and it is fun for the children as well. It is relaxing and very stimulating. It also keeps you away from the electrical gadgets in the house, which are slowly killing you from some disease especially autism, which is now rampant in the world, especially where people use so many electrical gadgets. The latest figures are that 1 in 88 people world wide suffer from autism. Strangely in communities where they do not allow mobile phones and computers, there is NO autism. Please, don’t be apathetic about this and say:”The world has been predicted to fall apart anyway, whether I do this or not.”, because this is where you are wrong. If a lot of people make these changes, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND IT HAS TO START WITH YOU.

Don’t wait till it is too late. There will not be another chance, once the tide has turned.

I, at the age of 80, am planning a new life, with self-sufficiency at the top of the plan. I walked away from a farm, which was such a place and I was going to eventually die there, but circumstances led me away from there and now I have to start again. I will have to do it the hard way, with help from others, but I will get there.

Lots of good luck and please think about it; the time is NOW! Shanti with love.


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