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Dear readers of my Articles ,

I hope you have enjoyed being informed about some facts we don’t ever read about or see on TV, which are extremely important to us, but I am now going to practice again what I have preached for so long, as the time has come for me to be self sufficient once more.

As you know I was travelling around Australia in a caravan for the last 5 years and seeing the beauty of my country. Having done that, I have appreciated a lot of things, but the one thing I missed, is the availability of fresh, organic food, something I was growing on my farm, before I started to travel.

Self sufficiency is now becoming more of a need, rather than a luxury or a hobby, as the figures show us, that in less than 22 years, the world’s population will have doubled to what we have now and that is, there will be 15 BILLION people to feed, something that seems impossible, as we cannot feed the population now.

On the news we hear and are told that the multi national companies such as Monsanto and Nestles are solving the problem, by seed saving and will be able to supply us with the seeds we need. Yes they will supply us with seeds, but you will PAY for them dearly, as they are genetically modified, so you will have to get new ones every year, as the mother plant will NOT reproduce a fruit with viable seeds. This is control at the highest level, with the backing of governments the world over.

I mentioned in a previous article, that I spoke at a seed savers day in Mareeba recently, where I stressed the need for these people, doing just what we should all be doing and that is save VIABLE seeds from your fruits, vegetables and herbs NOW and share them with others. You will have produce in the future and you can save your family from famine. Yes, you yourself, your own children and grand children will starve, as so many do already in some countries. It is hard to imagine today in the western world, as things are okay, but I am not joking or taking this lightly. I am very serious about this fact, so much so, that I have just purchased a block of land to start all over again and grow food and build a simple cottage, only just slightly larger than the caravan I live in now. It will have all the NEEDS I have to be comfortable and it will not cost the earth.

I and 9 other people have bought 80 acres of land and formed a company with 10 shares. Each share entitles the partner to one 2 ½ acres block of land and he/she/couple can use that land for their own needs, to grow and do what they want to, with some rules to follow, as not to interfere with the wishes of the other partners. Luckily we have found a beautiful group of people, who understand the need for this self sufficiency and we will help each other as much as we can, to support each other in the setting up and maintenance of this property as a whole, which we will use as a teaching facility and accommodation for willing people to learn about the knowledge our partners have gathered over the years. It is a bit like Anastasia talks about in her books “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. I myself have experienced a lot of things in regards to natural health, growing foods, building practices with various earth friendly materials etc. Others have knowledge of alternative ways of making power, so we will not have to rely on the multi nationals again in that area. And there will be other things that will come up during the next few years, we can pass on to others and others to pass onto us.

This venture is so cheap, that I could afford to buy myself a block out of some of my savings. I will have to work hard again doing a lot of physical work, for which have prepared myself over the last few months, increasing my exercise program, to strengthen my body, as in the caravan, I had become a real “couch potato”, doing a lot of `talking` about things and not enough actual `doing`.

At 81, this is a great ask of my body, but I see the need, as I intend to be around for a long time yet.

We also need to be more aware of consumerism, the practice of buying so many goods every day and week. Doing so, makes the multi nationals rich, as they need to supply the manufacturers with coal, iron ore, wood and many other things made from the oil industry. All these raw materials come from Mother Earth and she is suffering. This is what I did NOT like to see when travelling around Australia, all these mining ventures all over the place. It was sickening to me. It cannot keep going, but only WE can stop them from doing so and that is to stop buying a new `this and the other` every day. We can do without them. I have not watched TV for months and have not missed it. I, rather than sit there and be bombarded with rubbish, spend another half an hour in the garden or straighten out some dirt, getting ready to plant some food. My very dear friend and partner in the above venture, Matali, who wrote in his book “Manifesting Paradise”, Paradise was, and still is The Divine plan, is right in saying so. “When God put Adam and Eve in Paradise”, He wanted them to be happy and self sufficient for many years , but unfortunately, man disobeyed Him and now is paying for these consequences. Whether you believe this story, at least man was put on this Earth and learned to survive off the land. Simple living was the order of the day. Providing for our families was the number one priority. We have become greedy and our God is often called MONEY, but as a Cree Indian Chief said one day: “When the rivers have dried up and the trees have been felled, we realise we cannot eat money”. We can all re-created our own Paradise and we have even called our company `Paradise Sanctuary`, to indicate our plan. I have even gone one step further and called my block `Shanti’s Paradise`. I feel so great when I am on this land and I am concentrating on bringing back the birds, the other animals, who were scared away by the previous owners, who were not very earth friendly. It is happening already and I have only lived on this property for a few weeks. I meditate a lot and spread peace around, to make this happen. I will plant new trees, some I have cultivated over the last few months, to bring back some native birds, like the parrots and so on, who will feed on them. I will not only concentrate on myself as you see here, but I also realise the importance of the balance of nature. We must live together in harmony. We must appreciate all creatures, even the ants, who can be a nuisance at times, but they have an important role to play just the same.

I am writing this article and it may be the last one for a while, as I will really need time to spend :”doing”, “teaching”, “planting” and “building”.

I get up early in the morning, do some meditation and stretching exercises, have a simple breakfast of fruit (light and easy) and go onto the land and plan and do the things for that day. I am not slaving myself to such an extend, that I am suffering pains. I will pace myself, something my friends are worried about and have plenty of rests in between. I have a proper breakfast or brunch, when I stop for a while. Going at a snails pace is getting me there anyway. Then I have a rest, being it sitting down and plan some more, or if my back hurts, I might lie down for a while. Either way, I am resting and get ready for another stint at doing some work easily. I don’t want the cottage and gardens to be finished in a hurry, otherwise I will have nothing to do again and start sitting and becoming the old couch potato again. This project, as much as it is a necessity, is also a hobby to keep me fit and well.

Building a straw bale dwelling, is already creating an interest among my friends, who want to learn how to do this, so there is help available as soon as I start.

Folks, I have said what I want to about the need to provide for oneself soon and you folks, who can see the writing on the wall, will follow these thoughts and act upon the predicted future.

I have written about it in my book and in some articles before, so enough said about it; it is in your hands. It indeed spells doom and gloom, because it is. It won’t be pretty or comfortable.

Lots of love and peace, Shanti. You are in my thoughts every day!

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