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This is a message from Mareeba again, where I was the guest speaker at the Seed savers group.

I want to start my talk with a very serious message for all of us.

The items are: !


I start with EXPLOITATION. For just a hand full of people, who think that by staking a claim on the ground and call it a mining lease, they have the right to rape the Earth, which belongs to every one.

How bad is exploitation? I start with an exploitation of a different kind first, the exploitation of a human body.

In some countries that I know of, body parts are sold for profit, because we can live with one kidney for instance, so the other one is sold for profit.

That person will live on and finds that another body part could be sold as well, without too much of a problem, so out comes one eye.

Again, later, when they need some more money, the spleen is sold and it goes on like that.

Eventually, this body is being stressed to the point of collapse……and it does collapse!

Exploitation is happening of Mother Earth. This has been going on for the last 80 to 90 years.

People have been chopping parts out of Mother Earth for profit for all this time. Millions, no trillions of tons per year in iron ore, coal, gold, silver, oil and gas and the list goes on.

This is from the inside of Mother Earth.

Then we have what is happening on the surface of her, the trees, which are cut down by the hectare every hour of every day. Our beautiful and needy trees, who protect us from doom. We surely all know, that cutting down trees, is the NUMBER ONE contributor of global warming and CONSUMERISM is number 2, however the pollies don’t know that. They blame everything on smoke from the chimney stacks and car exhausts. That makes it easy for them. I know that deep down they know as well as you and I do, but they are great pretenders. They could stop car exhaust fumes tomorrow, if they allowed inventions that are there, to be marketed, but that would not suit Mr Big, who is too deeply involved in the energy industry.

Mr. Tesla and his companion Mr Schauberger, inventors of the early 1900’s, had all the knowledge that was needed to change the world’s consumerism in oil and gas alone, plus a lot more. People now are inventing ways of all kinds, to make electricity and also storing it in natural batteries, but the government will not allow them to sell these inventions.

I don’t know!

I have written my book “Victory over dis…eases”, over a number of years and started my writings about 20 years ago.

Just recently, Matali wrote his book “Manifesting Paradise” and he too is a visionary. We get messages from God, (the Universe) as we listen daily during our meditation time. These messages are very clear and precise. Sometimes in the form of words, sometimes we are being led to go somewhere and meet someone with a message or whatever.

The messages that are coming through now, are so urgently stressing the need for SELF SUFFICIENCY, as the Earth will not be able to keep up with the demand for food, to sustain life for the extra millions that are going to be here in the next 20 years.

Listen to this: The number of people on our planet is going to double in the next 22years and water is going to be in very short supply in 15 years. These are the latest statistics.

Theses are frightening figures!

The world cannot feed its population now. What about the amount of mouths to feed in 2036?

We can be apathetic and say:”I won’t be here then.” Maybe, but your children and grand children are ……….and they are going to starve. …….Your own offspring are going to starve to death!! I thought you might just love your children and grand children?

So what is love all about? Love must be unconditional and your children and grand children are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Do you want to see them starve to death? Do you love them or not?

If you do not want to see them starve, don’t have children or provide for them ….now.

Buy land, if possible, set up a cooperative with a number of people and grow whatever you can, even if it is to give away at a later date. It is amazing what you can grow on an acre of land. The city councils should set aside small plots for people in every town, to grow stuff. It is happening in Japan! There are some plots around Brisbane as well. Start growing in your own back yard; under the ornamental trees and bushes. Plant fruit trees as well as ornamentals trees. People will be screaming for help and than you can help those, who did not hear or heed the warning signs. Would it not be beautiful, to be able to stand at your front gate and say to the next hungry person walking past:
“Here you are mate, this is for you. Take that home and enjoy! You better start growing some food too. Here are some seeds as well”

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