Water, water everywhere…

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Water, water everywhere…..

When are we going to be sensible?

I have written it in my book and many articles on my website, warning you about being sensible and using our own brain, to work out what is right or wrong. We do not always need so-called professional help, as we have the capacity to work things out for ourselves in a lot of cases.

Yes, modern society tells us that we need to rush off to a professional immediately, when you feel a little uncomfortable, be it physical, emotional or mental, but that can often be a wrong move. The first thing we must do is quietly consider our plight and after some sensible consideration, make up our mind as to what to do.

If we do have a medical problem to solve, we must also consider, what the negative results are from the medications you are prescribed, which are often worse than the disease you are trying to cure. Look them up on the net FIRST!

If we have another problem, such as a social one, calmly consider your options and don’t be pushed too hard, before you make up your mind. Calmness is so important as when we rush into a situation and make up our mind too quickly, this can often be the wrong choice.

Here I want to talk about a report that came to me yesterday. (2nd October 2013)

I have written about how much water we should be drinking before. The common belief is that we should drink 2 litres of water a day. I say this is not right, because we are all different and our circumstances are different. However, we must drink fresh water daily, as we must replace the water we use in our body.

The report was about a young woman in the USA, who drank many litres of water a day, because she wanted to loose weight and that was the way she decided to do it. After a very short time, she was getting all sorts of problems; headaches, fainting, loss of memory and eventually a complete shut-down of her body. This way of doing things was not sensible and she had not thought things through well at all.

You should always seek professional advice from a person with years of experience in such matters, if you cannot work it out yourself.

It is stupid to drink so much water in one day. I knew a woman who drank 2 litres of water, before going for her daily walk and still carried a bottle of water to drink during the walk. I told her this is too much and she always argued with me. She is eating well and most of her food intake is bio-dynamic vegetables. She is not a healthy person and I see the problem in her flushing many minerals and vitamins from her body that way, before they can be absorbed for good health.

My measuring staff is to drink water, when you are thirsty; if this is so, you will find, that the amount is about between one and a half and 2 litres a day. Don’t drink soft drinks, as they are not quenching your thirst and fill you with sugars, making you fat. Even the so-called diet drinks, which are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, make you want to drink more and also make you very hungry for the wrong foods. There are many negative effects of the artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. See my article on Aspartame.

Apart from just drinking water, I must also stress the alkalinity of water, something I am very passionate about. In my book I write a lot about acid and alkaline drinks and foods and I would like you to read these articles in my book as well as on the website. A lot of country people think that rain water is better than council water. Well, as far as alkalinity is concerned, there is very little difference. If a rainwater tank is regularly cleaned and some of the first flush water has been diverted first, before filling the tank, you will have fairly clean water, but you must work at it. Town supply water, is full of chemicals and some of them are not really good for us.

I would suggest that rainwater, put through a good filter and than alkalised, would be pretty good water to drink.

Okay guys, till next time, lots of love and good health, Shanti.


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