Sink holes

December 7th, 2014 → 11:00 pm @

Sink holes.

Sunday, 7th December 2014. “Sunday Night” program on TV, channel 7, Australia.

This was a very interesting program and something I had not heard about. If you did not see this, read on, especially if you are in the Coal Seam Gas business.

In the USA and also in Australia, sink holes seem to appear more and more as time goes on and it seems that since Coal Seam Gas extraction has been the order of the day in these countries, they happen more often.

Some of them are so large, that they swallow up whole houses. Others are smaller and can suddenly appear and swallow up just one person.

In limestone country, where these gas extraction operations take place, they are the most common. It appears that in fracturing the limestone and pumping toxic materials under high pressure into this strata, the subterranean water starts to dissolve the limestone and holes appear. Eventually these holes become so large, that the soil above them is washed away and anything that is above these holes, falls into them.

If there is a building or a road above this spot, the chances of them sinking is the greatest.

On the above show, they filmed a whole patch of bush, large trees and all, just vanishing into the depth.

It was quite frightening to see, especially that there is no prior warning of this happening and can occur almost anywhere at any time.

This is another reason, apart from poisoning the soil and water ways with nasty and dangerous chemicals, to NOT continue with the practice of Coal Seam Gas extraction.

In the USA, where there are hundreds of thousands of these wells already, gas comes out of the water taps in some houses and I have seen demonstrations where a home owner actually lights this gas, as he turns on the water. People drink this water of course and that would not be too pleasant either; in fact quite dangerous, as they ingest toxic water.

People who are involved in getting this gas from these seams, should consider mankind first over money. Most of the people involved in this practice, live in fancy houses, away from these wells in the big cities and do not get affected, but the farming communities are copping the brunt of it all.

Remember `mining giants`, your food will be effected by these chemicals one day and you too will have to eat poisoned food. Your children will be poisoned by you and since you know that the chemicals you use are toxic, in other words they kill, you should be held responsible of murder or at least manslaughter.

Can you look your children and/or grand children in the eyes, knowing you are killing them, just because you want to make a lot of money?

You must really hate me, for bringing this up, but it is the truth!

Now you know and you have been reminded, can you go on doing this? Is your conscience letting you go on?

Please concentrate on renewable energy, in stead of ruining Mother Earth.

We have to live here for a lot longer, but the way man behaves these days, this time is being cut short drastically.

Don’t be selfish and think that you won’t be here then. Your family will be!

Tell them the truth and see what they think of what you are doing. Go on!

Sit your child or grandchild on your lap and say:”Hey little fellow, Daddy (or Grand dad) is killing you soon!”

Wow! How is your heart now? Can you feel it starting to pick up speed?

God luck guys, Shanti with love.


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