Psychotic drugs for children

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I have already written an article about the invention of drugs to combat psychiatric diseases previously. Slowly these psychologists and psychiatrists, in cahoots with the Big Pharma are inventing more reasons to put you into a category, so they can put you on a drug. The report said that in ten years, the whole world population will be on a psychiatric drug. Now it is coming to a head. On the news the other day, 20/11/2014, there was an article about ”Psychotic drugs for children” and the way they are over prescribed.

Here we go. The medical profession is getting their way and are dishing out drugs willy-nilly to children, who do not need them, but they and their parents are pressured to take these drugs.

I don’t know what these drugs are called, but if you have been prescribed drugs of any kind, ALWAYS look them up on the internet. The answers are there and you will have to make up your mind, whether the `plusses` outweigh the `minusses`. In other words, are the side effects worse than the disease itself? In most cases they are a lot worse and I advise you not to take them and attack the problem a child has in a totally different way.

We as parents have that obligation, to discuss all our problems with each other in a calm and sensible way.

In my book “Victory over dis…eases”, I have written about this in a lot of detail, for us, as a family, to sit down each day after work and school and together solve each other’s problems, because “a problem shared is a problem halved”, as well as to enjoy each other’s positive happenings of the day. Especially ask your child what his/her day was like and do not accept an answer like:”Alright” and allow him/her to walk away. Ask them in a detailed way, what they experienced, because often they went through a traumatic time, be it bulling or some sort of difficulty like that.

This should be done on a daily basis, together in the family room, without interference of radio or TV. Each of us should have a say and the rest of the family should offer advice, as to how we can do things better the next day.

I am so glad that I was born when I was, because I experienced this situation when I was young. We did sit in the family room, talked, played music, played games, worked together on some projects and we did not waste any time because this is family life. There was no TV and the radio was very primitive.

Drugs are very seldom the answer. They are band-aid solutions and only suppress the real deep seated cause.

I have also written in my book, about pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are totally unnecessary as a first line of defence. These drugs should only be given as a supplement to the real cure, which should be established first and then (maybe) some drugs, but preferably a natural herbal, bush flower essence or homoeopathic prescription should always be considered first, because they do not have any side effects and work just as well.

Time is a wonderful healer and we should be patient with the patient who is afflicted with a problem, be it physical or mental. Remember that prevention is the way to go. These problems do NOT just appear overnight. We should be aware early, that a person is in trouble, especially a child. If we do not sit down regularly, these problems grow, without being detected. Talking is SO important and often this does not happen in modern families. Togetherness is healing. Love is healing. Understanding is healing. Talking is healing. Hugging is healing and problems may be prevented altogether and will not have to be cured. This is NOT just a problem with children. So many adults find it difficult to cope in their life as well and that is why there are many suicides.

I could write a book about all this and I am considering doing just that, as there is so much to cover.

Now I have found peace and live a very quiet life, I have time to think. Read my personal story on page 130 in my book.

Each morning I do my daily meditation and give life a lot of thought. There have been times in my past, where I too have had difficulties in my daily life and had short-comings in communications, but things have changed so much, since I have found peace. I wish I had done this years ago, but that was not the right time of course. Things happen when we need them most and mine came in 2009, when I was told to do a 10 day meditation and fast in the Kimberley desert.

I hope you will be well, if you are not on top of things, but consider a good talk with a friend, be that person a family member or an outsider, who has a good ear for this sort of thing.

“Love you”, Shanti


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