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Together with relationship separations and giving a lot away, I now have no money, just a caravan and a car and live off a pension. But who cares? I am happy and if I cannot afford something, I will wait till the next cheque comes into my bank account.

One day I would like to share my experiences with a beautiful lady again, but this time she MUST be my soul-mate.**

I love giving and it pays off. It makes me feel great, as well as the recipient. This is what life is all about. If I have something and someone really wants it, I will give it to them. I can live without it. I had the pleasure of owning and enjoying this article for a time, so now it is time for it to be enjoyed by someone else.**

Giving from the heart is the real stuff. Also, don’t be a hoarder and please clean out from time to time. It is good FENG SHUI. We can all do it, as long as we try hard and:


It IS the right decision. Care for yourself and your loving family the best way you can under the circumstances and don’t suffocate yourself with unwanted pressures.** NEGATIVE STUFF!** This can be difficult at times, but tackle them with all your might and come out on the other side victorious and more knowledgeable Ask your REAL friends for some support and cry on their shoulders when you fall down or SEEM to fail; that will always help. You may have to make a few sacrifices during that time, but they are all worthwhile lessons in the end. Don’t worry what other people think, just DO IT! You will be the one, that laughs the loudest in the end and than you can say:”I did this, all by myself!”**

We must remember that WE are in charge of every aspect of our life, whether it is our health or anything else, we can make it right or, change it if it isn’t right.

It takes an amazing amount of faith in ourselves and if we believe and trust we can do anything, we can do it….LIVE!** This is the only opportunity you have.**MAKE IT GREAT! Live in the “NOW”.** Learn from the past, but don’t live in the past!”

We have seen examples of extreme PHYSICAL power in emergency cases, when people are caught up in a physically “IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION” and got themselves out of it, by brute strength, something we normally don’t have. We have all heard of people lifting a car off an accident case, enough to release that victim, normally impossible, but true.

I also believe that some people display super natural MENTAL strength. They use this power which they have developed, to do amazing things; like Dynamo, seen on TV.

There are many examples of amazing things and we should have faith that we too can do amazing things. “Never say NEVER, ever!.** and always be POSITIVE**. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! **

In modern society we are brainwashed to always think of the worst, the negative side of things; be it health or jobs or whatever. The medical profession is good at it and it worries me a lot. It is like having the bone pointed at you and if you believe in that, you will react that way.

Take for instance the predictions by a doctor, who tells a patient, that he has only 3 months to live. This is so wrong, because the patient in question, believing that statement, is now programming himself mentally, for the upcoming event and we have seen it time and time again, that this patient dies in exactly that amount of time.

THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF! These predictions should never be made as a general rule. We, as people, are all different and nobody knows how our body is capable of healing itself, by our own mental programming. We have heard stories like that as well. So, if a doctor can program you, you can do the same; Why do believe another man and not yourself?** Nobody can ever be educated, to make these predictions, as we are all different and we all have different constitutions.

Some people have a very strong constitution and can smoke, drink alcohol and eat poor quality food all their life and live till they are 95 years of age and eventually die in bed one night, never having had a day’s sickness in their life.

Another person, who looks after himself, eats good food, exercises regularly, dies at an early age from some dreadful disease, suffering for years beforehand. WHY?, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

In my book, “Victory over dis…eases”, I mention the fact, that if everybody in the world has the same disease, they would all have to be treated differently and that is why, modern medicine can be so wrong. A lot of modern medications come in a pre-packed form and are dished out to every one, whether a person is male, female, young, old (Except a child) and so forth.

In the days of old, a doctor would examine the patient thoroughly and write a prescription for that person’s disability. He than would take this script to the apothecary and that man/woman would mix the different ingredients together and make YOUR medicine, NOT EVERYONE”S medicine.

For thousands of years, the Chinese herbalist still works that way. He examines the patient and gives the patient these herbs and other things to boil at home. YOUR PERSONAL medicine.

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