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I myself have not seen a doctor for ill health for over 50 years. If something bothers me, I think about it and tackle the problem with positivity, the best way I can, and let the body heal itself.**

Most food additives are destructive and should not be used. Look at the list of them on bought food items! Read the labels and get a book, explaining these numbers. This information is in my book as well. In fact, most of the questions you have for me, are explained in my book quite clearly and simply. Nothing in my book is difficult to understand; that is the way I am and the way I have written it all down.**

I have spent a lot of time writing about acidity and alkalinity in my book. I want you to take a lot of notice of this fact, because if you are an alkaline person, you will not get sick**

Okay, now I want to mention our emotional diseases.**

It is well documented, that our emotions can cause a lot of trouble and for almost every physical problem, there is an emotional cause.

It can be very difficult to manage our emotional state, as society dictates a lot of things in our life, what we can do and what we cannot do.** This causes many emotional problems. These days we haven’t got time to discuss our problems any more, because we get involved in other things, may it be TV or other social events.

??What is the priority in your household?** Shouldn’t peace, happiness, love, harmony and all those wonderful things, have 1st priority?

??Is money so important, that we sacrifice our happiness and our relationships?

We can do without a lot less than we spend today. I have covered this problem as well in my book.**

I have lived a long time and went through WW2 and I have observed, that we have a real desire to HAVE THINGS, the same as our neighbours. NEVER compare yourself with others.** They may be in a position, where they can afford certain luxuries. Something we may have to do without or wait a little longer for, but buying things on credit or other borrowed moneys, will never make you happy. You still have to face the fact that you have to repay the loan or credit.**

DON’T LET PEER PRESSURE RUIN YOUR LIFE**. If these people don’t want to know you, because you do not have the same as they have, let them go, they are not friends, but treat them respectfully and with love.**

Find people who love you for YOU, the beautiful person you are and the lovely habits and kind thoughts you have in your heart.** It is so much easier and more comfortable.**

I came from a snobbish family and I was always the black sheep. I did not fit in.


Since I came to Mareeba last year for a few months and now came back to stay, I have made some beautiful friends, whom I can talk to and meet regularly.

You can choose your friends, but you must accept your family”, is a saying; well, if you cannot stand your family and there are always wars and fights, you either sort out your differences or walk away from them, so you can be happy again.

I am so happy, to have left the crazy world behind.** I am IN this world, but I am NOT OF THIS WORLD.

Being happy, loving, do meditations and prayers, being at peace and being kind, will make your body more ALKALINE.**

On the other hand: If there is anger, fear, jealousy and stress, you will become very ACIDIC.***

I am sad, that I had to leave my bio-dynamic farm behind, but my emotional state was killing me and that affected me seriously. I was growing spiritually very fast and my partner was staying still. This was frustrating and very difficult. I was so low, that it was a dangerous situation.

I meditated for 7 days, 3 hours a day and was given a directive to go to the Kimberleys and do a 10 day meditation and fast in the desert. Read that story on page 178 in my book.

I followed the instructions to the letter and here I am, a NEW MAN.** I have had time to adjust my life.

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