Take – away foods

October 15th, 2013 → 1:37 pm @

Take-away foods.

Tonight I was watching the news on TV and I saw an article that is of foremost importance to all people, who buy take-aways. The fact was brought to light, that so much food sold via take-away outlets is dangerous to buy and eat. The most alarming thing was the temperatures, at which foods are sold.

It is well known, at least we should be aware, that cold foods should be on or below 4 degrees C and hot foods should be a minimum of 60 degrees C, to be safe and free of contaminating bacteria. This is especially so for food items, containing meat, chicken and fish. If these food items are not complying to these numbers, the bacteria will grow at an alarming rate and double their numbers every hour.

It was interesting to see that the gentleman testing these foods all over Australia, found about 90% of the food outlets tested, were selling food that were a real risk to our health.

A lot of shop keepers were fined last year and this year were still doing the same thing.

At first I though that vegetarian foods would be okay, but even these items were a risk at times.

Really, what do these shopkeepers think? Do they care at all about our health?

Especially in holiday places, where a lot or most of the customers are visitors/holiday makers, these unscrupulous establishments are getting away with anything.

Not only are these foods dangerous to your health, the quality is often extremely poor. I have experienced this recently, when I took a friend out for lunch and the fish was so bad, dried out and there was so little of it, that I wanted to complain, but since you pay up front, you have no chance to get anywhere anyway, except never to go back. These people know that and they don’t really care about you, as the visitors/holiday makers, keep rolling in day after day and may never get back to this place anyway.

I don’t understand that the health inspectors are not harder on them and fine them more or close them down.

I like to keep this message short, but I want to warn you, that this is a real problem. If, and I hope you will never experience it, you suddenly feel sick after eating out or have a take-away, please report this to your doctor or the health department of the local Shire Council.

This practice must stop.



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