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Self-Empowering weekend. 5th October 2013

at Michael and Lindy Alba. Mareeba, Queensland.

My discussion paper.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Just before I start, I want you to know, that my book is available here today and on my website: and also a copy of my speech. I have prepared this, so you will not have to take notes and you can concentrate on the lecture itself.

There is a lot to be covered, so let’s go.

I am here today, to try and convince a lot of you, that health is not just a PHYSICAL phenomena. Health also has a lot to do with our MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL AND SEXUAL side of life.**

We can compare the workings of our life with the motor car, where all parts of this car must be in good order and tuned correctly, to make this car perform to its design standards. Even if one tyre is flat, you cannot get from A to B…Well you can, but it is going to be a difficult ride.

If one part of our body is not working correctly, we too find it more difficult to perform properly.

That means, to be healthy, all aspects of our being must be in good order and that can sometimes be difficult to achieve, because at least some of you, have let yourselves go down hill, below a reasonable level of health over time.

If we do not service our car regularly and do not use quality oils and fuel, this car is going to let you down one day, when you least expect it. Which is always a nuisance. We can take our body to extremes some times and nothing will happen, at least not then, but usually the consequences come out later.

Today, we are made to believe, by the Multi-nationals and the Big Pharma, that anything goes. Anything is alright to eat and take, as long as you buy from them, who are after your money and they do not care about you and your health.**

Annalise the advertising on the TV There is one ad. that comes to mind, where in one sentence this company tells you to go outside and exercise and play, in other words do healthy things and immediately after, they advertise their un-natural products for you to come and eat, products which will kill you at an early age.** See how many people today are overweight!** All this started to happen, since these establishments became fashionable. I am not pointing my finger at anyone in particular, but please my friends, take heed. We must change our habits now, before we get a serious ailment like a heart attack or stroke. Overweight people run in families and that points to the fact that all the family members are eating the same food. It is NOT hereditary, because the wife/mother is not a blood relation to the husband/father and you see it so often, that the whole family is overweight; Mum, Dad and the kids. Watch what is in their shopping baskets!**

I better tell you here and now, something you know already, that take away products are full of sugar, simple carbohydrates, salt and preservatives, which are the fat forming ingredients in your diet. FAT does not make you fat.**

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