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There is so much written about diets and a lot of them are alright, but the problem is that we are all so very different and we have different digestive systems and needs.

Generally I do not suggest a diet for anyone, unless I know the person. Just recently, I met a fellow, who was overweight, not too bad but definitely had a decent belly and I could see, he needed some help. I asked him some questions and he kept on telling me that he was eating a good, healthy diet. I immediately asked him to write down exactly what he consumed in a day and to be quite specific in what he had. For instance: When he was having a sandwich, whether he was using butter or margarine; whether the bread was whole meal bread or white; if he toasted the bread or had it neat and things like that, as all this information was important to me. Also, to write down, all the things he consumed during snack times and the drinks he was having. If he was using sugar or honey in his tea and/or coffee. I then would look at it and analyse all these things, to see if he was really having a GOOD diet for HIM.

You may eat fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts for instance and find that you are not doing so well after all.

A study was done years ago by a father and son, in the name of D’adamo and they found that our blood type had a lot to do with what we should consume. Most of us know that there are 4 main blood groups, being O,A,B and AB. These can be positive or negative in their Rhesus factor, but that does not come into the diet apparently.

Well, the O blood group, as suggested by the authors, do not make good vegetarians and they need some meat in their diet, but the A types, make good vegetarians. This is just one instance, where a suggested diet, found in most of our available books on the shelves of health food shops, is not going to sit well with all people and you just cannot draw a straight line and say “this food is good for all people”. Generally, naturally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds etc, are good to eat, but some people may have to abstain from some of them, something we usually know anyway. By observing a particular food, we often get a negative vibration, or a very positive vibration, to let us know that that particular food we are looking at is attractive to us or not. If this so,we should take heed and only eat what food is attractive and leave the negative ones behind. Doing that will improve your digestion and the value of this food will be 100%.This particular food may be alright at another time mind you, but at that moment the body prefers not to have it.

If we eat negative food, we often feel the after effects by being uncomfortable, windy and burping, sneezing and coughing almost immediately after eating. We are actually somewhat allergic to this food. Some foods are so bad for us, that the reactions are quite severe and usually then we are warned, that we are truly allergic to that food, because the end result is very strong and severe measures are called for.

So many additives are put in our modern diet, that I have been warning you for a long time, to stick to fresh, live food, not fast food or pre-packed stuff, which is not sustaining our health. I am often asked, how bad is it to eat take-away food? Not good! (Well, I myself would have a pizza, or sometimes a meal from a Thai kitchen, once or twice a year and then I feel guilty. I usually pay for it afterwards, but sometimes circumstances make me do that).

To help you make up your mind what you should eat, you must always allow your eyes or your thoughts decide what you need at that moment.

Close your eyes and imagine a certain food, or combination of foods when you are hungry and don’t worry what time of the day it is. Modern society and of course big business have dictated to us that breakfast cereals are to be eaten at breakfast time and things like that, but it is up to you what you eat at any time of the day. If you read my diet chart, written in these articles previously, you will find that I do not take part in this habit at all and I eat what I feel like at a certain hour of the day. Some times I may only eat a large piece of Paw paw after my drink of water for breakfast. Other mornings I make my special `omelette` and feel great having that. When the next hunger bells ring, which could be any time after a few hours, I will once again start thinking of various foods available to me and make a meal out of them and so forth.

Experiment with food and don’t be afraid to try things. I am always coming up with dishes, that no one has ever though of, but they are for me, at that time.

I love the different soups I make and often add things to the soup at the time it is served, like coconut cream or spices and I have never had to throw food away, due to a bad combination of ingredients. Sometimes I may find, that the added spice wasn’t quite what I expected and I would not add that again the next time, but really, it is so nice to have a go. I do not use recipes for my daily diet. If I wanted to bake a cake or something, I would use a recipe, that has been tried and proven, as I would not like to throw away good ingredients, due to a failure.

Grains should be cut down drastically from our diet, as we eat far to much of them. Especially as the grain foods are made on refined carbohydrates, in other words WHITE FLOUR PRODUCTS.

White flour products are very fattening and destructive to our bowels. Then we have the sugar laden prepared foods, more fattening and they feed cancers. Another lot is the salty foods. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it holds on to water and can make us bloated as well. You know what happens when you leave the salt shaker open to the air; the salt becomes water logged.

For our carbohydrate intake, usually eaten in the form of grains, I suggest a lot more vegetable ones, such as pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, squashes etc. Look them up on the net and change your diet. You will feel a lot more comfortable. When you have grains, make positively sure they are whole grain, I mean 100% whole grain, as they have their own roughage for better health,( the bran). There is virtually no 100% whole grain bread on the shelves of food shops these days. You really have to search for them in special shops, which are far and few between. Making your own bread, could solve the problem, but you still have to experiment with your own recipe, as the ones that come with he bread maker are not 100% whole meal. They always use white flour as well. Make your bread and put some in the freezer. Don’t eat it all in a few days. Grains that are less acidic in nature are favoured, such as whole grain/brown rice, millet, quinoa, kamut etc.

Sprouted grains are a lot more acceptable, as they digest a lot easier and have more value. It has been noted that a sprouted grain, is up to 600 times more valuable than a dried grain kernel.

Sprouts are a great additive to your diet, especially when you have a salad and they are so easy to prepare. I do mine in a jar with a mesh on top, held by an elastic band. To start soak them overnight in some water and drain the water off them in the morning. For the next few days, soak them a few times a day for 10 minutes or so and drain the water off them. Some seeds are ready in a few days, like MUNG beans. Alfalfa seeds are great, but be careful in the summer time, as they will turn sour quickly and must not be eaten. Once seeds have sprouted to your liking, put them in the fridge for later use, while another batch is growing, so you will have a continuous supply of them.

Here is more information in my book, as I realise the importance of food and the combinations as well. It is not easy to change your habits, now you have set a pattern, but it is worthwhile changing for better health. So many foods are damaging to our health, such as soy, as the oestrogen in soy elevates the levels in the blood and this may contribute to the formation of cancers, the same as sugars. Cancers feed on sugars of every type, including honey, fructose found in fruit and of course pure sugar products including molasses etc.

My direction of healthy food, has always been to imagine, what “Adam and Eve” would have eaten, in other words what early man consumed. There were no supermarkets etc, so they would absolutely rely on nature. We should still be doing the same as much as possible and grow a lot of our own food. A lot of people have their own house on a block of land and some of this land should be put under edible food. These may be grown in amongst the garden variety of plants and certainly can look very attractive. Many garden trees should be fruit trees, producing food all the year round and why not? It is nice to see a citrus tree for instance, flowering and spreading a beautiful perfume. Then the fruits set and gradually grow larger and change colour, till it is ready to eat. This fruit is worth so much more than bought fruit, which has been picked un-ripe (for transport and storage reasons). During this lengthy time, the vitamin value drops at least 80%. Taste the difference between a freshly picked orange or mandarin and a bought one. It is quite amazing.

I must leave this page here and I hope I have given you some advice to take on board to improve you and your family. Lots of happy meals and good health , Shanti


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