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MARRIAGE, a bond between a man and a woman, should always remain that way. A man, who finds a woman of his choice and falls in love with her, this may also be in reverse, will eventually marry her, which is a sacred bond, instituted by God (Nature). This marriage is not necessarily forever, as we are meant to believe. There may come a time, when one of the partners is out-growing the other and feels restricted. Rather than staying together against all odds, it is always better to separate and find another, compatible partner again. There are a lot of people who will disagree with me now, but that is because we have been taught to believe that we should stay together `till death do us part`. I was in the same boat once  and when my partner left me I was devastated, but now I can see her reason for leaving me. I thought we made a pact, not a marriage as such, to be there for one another for the rest of our lives.

A man is needed to fertilise the egg of a woman, to bring forth a baby, just the same as it is in all natural living beings, whether it is an animal or a plant. In a marriage, the producing of a child, is an act of love, at least that is how it should be. The man and the woman, make this child out of love and in a same-sex relationship, this child is NEVER theirs. This does not mean they cannot or do not love their adopted child, but it is not the same as a love child. Unfortunately, too many children are born, being just an accident of “love making” and half the time love doesn’t come into it at all. I was watching a program on TV and some young men and women were interviewed on a holiday island, during a summer vacation. They all agreed that they were there to have sex, almost the most important objective of the holiday. That is NOT MAKING LOVE. It has nothing to do with love. It is lust. Of course these people don’t want a child born out of this lustful act anyway.

Okay, today, we see more and more relationships between same sex partners. If a man or a woman wants to live with another man or woman, that is their choice. This will NEVER be a MARRIAGE in my opinion and a new word should be found for these relationships. That of course is going to cause another delemna, because these people want the same rights as married couples and if another word was used, things will be even more complicated. All over the world, legislations are being passed in the various parliaments, making it legal for just these situations and they call it MARRIAGE. Of course the reason for this is to have these people on side, when the next election is being held. The pollies cannot leave anyone out and they will do anything to catch votes. A relationship between 2 same sex partners should NEVER be called a marriage, a word especially reserved for a man and a woman’s bond, to live together and raise a family.

I had a conversation with a single mother a few years ago about this and I said that a man was needed to raise children. She said to me that she could teach the boy children all they needed to know, even how to saw a piece of wood and how to hammer a nail into that wood.

A pity that she missed the point. It is not that she could teach the children to be practical, but the influence of a male, is different than the influence of a female. We are different you know!

That is the point I am making in a same-sex partnership, especially when they adopt children. The influence of the other sex is not there and the children suffer. I will not go into what exactly they all are, but I am sure you know what I mean.

How great is it, when a father comes home from work, gives his wife a nice cuddle and goes to his child and plays with it, doing lovely bonding things? These are the times, when he also contributes to sharing the responsibility of being a father and taking the chore away from the mother, who has a thousand and one things to do yet, before the day is done. She is now free to do things on her own, things she could not do during the day, because the child or children were keeping her busy. The father does things a different way. He is a MAN and is a little rougher maybe and he takes the children outside and plays man’s things; he kicks a football, plays some pretend cricket against a garbage bin and stuff like that. Mum looks out of the kitchen window and sees that happening and feels great to see Dad and the children having so much fun, while she prepares a meal and as soon as it is cooking, comes out and joins in the fun as well. A real family affair of a man, a woman and children. I can go on all day with examples of this kind, but we all have our own ways of being a real family, who love one another and respect the difference between a man and a woman. When the day is done, and the children have been put to bed, the parents have this lovely time together of enjoying each other’s company and sharing the experiences of the day, before going to bed and hugging each other etc, before going to sleep.

I am a romantic and appreciate the difference between a man and a woman. “Viva la difference”.

I have learned a lot over the years and wish I could do it all over again. It will be very different next time, I can tell you. I miss a lady in my life, a soul mate, as I could be so much happier, but that is the way it is now. I must accept my fate and share my love with the many people I meet every day. Since I have become more aware of my spirituality, my life has taken a turn in a most amazing direction. I feel so useful in so many different ways, as I can help so many folks, who seem to be lost and cannot see a way out. I do a lot of counselling and make these folks happy again. A lot of them are single people, who have lost a partner or have broken up a relationship and don’t know what to do. A marriage breakup takes at least 2 years to repair and we must grieve for that time and allow ourselves to become single again, before taking on another partner. Most of us are on the hunters’ trail, immediately following a breakup, but that is not good. I understand why, but please do allow yourself some time-out to find yourself again, just the way you were before you were in the relationship, which is no longer. Please NEVER, break up and keep going back, time after time. This is a sign of not having separated at all and a weakness on your part. You may think you are never going to find another partner, but allowing yourself that separation period will heal all the negative feelings. Don’t think that a break-up should be nasty. In fact it would be so nice, to breakup in a friendly manner, with total understanding of the reason of both parties. Nasty break-ups are costly as well, because solicitors get involved and you both lose out. Difficult isn’t it, but true.

I went a bit further than I planned to, but it will not hurt to read all this anyway. I hope you are happy and related to a beautiful partner, who is understanding, happy, loving, good looking, big hearted, understanding, reasonable and a great provider in every way.

Lots of love to you all, Shanti


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