Having faith

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Having faith.

Faith is not something many people have. We often think we have faith, but when we are tested, things go totally wrong. This is especially so in cases of sickness. If we suffer from a disease like cancer or something, we always think the worst, instead of making the decision to heal ourselves. Impossible I hear you say. No, it is not so. Positive thinking alone, is a very powerful healer. Many times I have heard from people, that the doctor said such and such and these messages are ALWAYS negative and threatening. If you mention that you are going to heal yourself, they jump up and down like clowns and even suggest you are crazy. I have a letter in my files from a specialist, who had the gall to call me crazy, because I was not going to do as he said. He dictated the letter, but did not sign it. What a coward! Whatever he suggested was in my opinion not the right avenue and also very costly. I decided to do things my way and I am still here today telling you all about it. He could not scare me, as I had the faith that I would be healed anyway.

I have complete faith in what I want and what I get from my Maker. Knowing I am part of this Maker. In the article about `giving from the heart`, last month, I proved to you that when you ask something from your God, IN FAITH, YOU WILL GET THAT, BUT ONLY AT THE RIGHT TIME. We often want something NOW, but now may not be the right time, as only God (or we ourselves) know. However, if we have Faith, we must wait and KNOW that we will get what we asked for. In the past I have proven this and what I asked for has always been supplied at the right moment; not to early or not too late, just at the right time. Sometimes we may ask for things that our God thinks we are better off without and then we will NOT get what we ask for, as we are protected from something that would be negative to us. I believe that our God (which is ourselves again), does test our Faith from time to time and lets us wait a little longer, to see if we complain or do something stupid instead. I have had this happen to me as well, but that was a long time ago. Today, I ask once (in other words I make the decision), knowing it WILL happen and wait. Remember that You are in charge of your life all by yourself. You can make things happen. You are the Healer, the organiser, the life giver, the lover, the father or the mother, etc, all things you want is what you are. You truly are amazingly powerful and capable, more than you give yourself credit for. There is NOTHING you cannot do. Everything IS possible.

When my children were little and started to think about what they could do, they often came out to me and said:” I cannot do this Daddy”. I told them there and then, that there is nothing you cannot do. There is no such thing as CAN’T. I am fortunate that I realised this when I was still pretty young and was able to pass this information on to my children. Over the years I have seen them tackle projects, which seemed impossible at first. Not all that long ago I was staying with my youngest son, who is very practical. Like his Dad. He was doing something that even astounded me. I thought about this and realised he knew that there is nothing that he could not do, because he had the FAITH in himself, that he could achieve this. It was so good to see and I was so pleased. He is 43 years of age and is very inventive.

Years ago, when my daughter was only 16, she asked me one day, if I could help her remove some rusty spots on her car. I said of course I will help you and the next morning at about 5 am, I heard the angle grinder whining away in the garage, where she was working. By the time I got there a few hours later, she had the biggest holes in her car, where she found rust, which had been patched before and filled with car bog. She decided that all that bad rust and fill had to go, before she would be happy.

I looked at it and realised we had a big job on our hands. We had to find a sheet metal place to get some plates cut to fill these holes. When we got home, SHE did all the repair work herself and she did the spray painting and all. During her younger years, she watched her older brothers do similar work on their first cars and she remembered what to do.

Again this was a pleasant time for me, as I realised she too remembered that `there is nothing we cannot do`. She had faith in herself and her capabilities.

So my friends, remember that whenever you are in doubt, have absolute faith in yourself and KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

An old saying is:”Faith can move mountains.” Surely you can do lesser things than move a mountain, as long as you believe in yourself and know your capabilities.

See you in a few weeks with some more interesting information.


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