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June 30th, 2013 → 1:16 am @

Given with love from the heart and you will be repaid tenfold.

We all have heard this said and the Bible talks about giving with love. Well let me tell you something special, that happened to me just now. (Early June)

Lately I have been prompted, to give copies of my book, to some special people, whom I met, who could not afford the regular price and I said straight away: “Please accept this copy with all my love.”

So far I have given quite a few away and yesterday, when I arrived in Mareeba, a notice on the notice board asked for someone to house-sit in Mareeba, just 1½ kilometres from the town centre. I rang the people and he came over to my caravan to meet me. Almost instantly, he agreed, that I was the man they needed for 4 months, while they were going to trip around themselves in a caravan.

I have been putting it out to the Universe for just such a job, because I want to stay here now and make this area my home base, travelling in my car more often and leaving the caravan behind.

I was quite prepared to stay at the rodeo grounds and pay rent for a site, but that would cost me about $100 a week

Well, I got the job and will go to their place on Thursday, because they want to start their trip on Saturday, giving us time to reacquaint and he can show me the ropes of what needs to be done, whilst they are away.

The most important message of this story is, that getting this job, will save me exactly 10 times the amount I have spent on gifts, since I started to give my books as presents.

Given in love, from the heart, will be repaid tenfold! Yes !

You see, it works. I have so much faith in the Universe, that I never waiver from that thought. It always works. In some churches I have been to in years gone by, they talk about having faith, but I very seldom found anyone who HAD the faith needed for a thing just like this.

This job has been advertised for a few weeks now and



Please be aware of your faith. You must truly and absolutely believe and trust when you ask.

I now realise, that I AM THE SPIRIT, WHO CONTROLS MY LIFE. I am in charge, completely.

As a part of this Universe, I am also the Universe. If you are a member of a football team, you are the football team. Without you playing, the team is not complete. Without you being a part of the Universe, the Universe is not complete either. So many problem occur, because people are not playing their part. We MUST try harder and become a part of this team. The whole world, in fact the whole Universe will be a lot friendlier and easier to live in if we all played out part.

Let love reign and let’s give as much as we can muster.

Give all the time (from the heart) and you will receive (tenfold in return).

Please be well and happy till I will be with you again soon,

Shanti with love as always.


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