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This is a serious matter and should be made known to everyone in Australia, as we do not seem to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH or freedom of any sort anymore.

The TGA, Therapeutic Goods Administration, are clamping down on all sorts of NATURAL HEALING products, which have been working well on many of our problems in the past. We are confronted with a delemna, that our rights to choose are taken away from us. In this case, some healing methods, which have been around for hundreds of years and should be allowed to be used at the discretion of the user, may not be available to us, if they get their way. I PERSONALLY SEE THIS AS A DRIVE BY THE BIG PHARMA, WHO ARE WORRIED THAT THEY MAY MISS OUT ON A SALE.

We have seen these tack-ticks used more and more, over the last number of years and they should be stopped.

Don’t we have any say, what we want to do with our own body anymore?

Medicine does NOT have the best of records, in so far as healing is concerned and the records show it clearly, although never published in the common press. Most of the time, we are given drugs to delay pain or inflammation, but the cause of the problem is not being addressed.

I read a quote from Mark Twain, who said:”Medicine is a game they play, whilst the disease heals itself.” It is interesting to note this quote was written so many years ago. Mark Twain 1835 – 1910).

The majority of patients, who see a doctor are asked what is wrong with them and the doctor immediately starts writing a script for a drug, without even diagnosing for himself, what is really happening.

The time given to a patient is minimal and is not enough to be able to make a diagnosis anyway.

When a patient chooses to go to the natural healing practitioner, where the patient gets plenty of time to discuss his/her problem and goes away with a natural medicine, which is NOT dangerous to cause any other further ailments due to the mild nature of these herbal medicines, mostly without side effects, he or she gets persecuted by the BIG PHARMA CONTROLLED TGA, in other words the Government.

COME ON AUSTRALIA do something about it.

IT IS YOUR BODY AND YOU ARE IN CONTROL at least you should be!

The biggest problem we have is to be able to fight these giants, as they have so much money, taken from you in the past and still are taking it from you on a daily basis. We as small fry, without money to fight these Multi nationals in court, will always loose out, as the giants can afford to buy the most expensive lawyers in the land, or even the world.

I have had personal experiences with drug taking and cancer treatment in the past, prescribed to my son, who died from the side effects of the aforesaid, NOT FROM THE DISEASE. Later on, after this episode, another case was presented to my partner, who’s son was also treated the medical way at the age of 30 and he too had to succumb to death because of poor scientific treatment and the side effects of the treatment.

One hears all the time, that medicine is scientifically proven, but how often do we hear about a drug, which has killed or maimed many people, before they take it off the market, because they changed their minds about the validity of the product. Take Thalidomide for one. After 50 years, the company who produced this drug, is now apologising for the many maimed people it caused. Still doctors are prescribing drugs, which have many side effects and some of them are very serious. I have written in my book about some of these and research has shown me that the average drug prescribed has up to 70 different, nasty side effects. Is that warranted? Is that not a case where drugs should be taken off the market, as it is slowly killing people?

Today we have a beautiful way of finding out what each drug contains and what the side effects are, by looking them up on the internet. It is all there and if you feel, you should know what you put in your mouth you should look it up! Simple, but you WILL BE HORRIFIED what they do to you.

Do the same for the herbal mixtures you may come in contact with. You will be surprised, how simple the prescription is. Thousands of years have gone by since some of the old-fashioned herbals have been around and served people well. The Chinese herbal practitioners and some of the lesser known tribes people like our own Aboriginals etc, have cures for things we hardly expect the western world to be able to tackle.

Please, take a stand and protect yourself from UN-NATURAL chemicals and support your health, by demanding the government to leave the safe treatments alone, by allowing Natural healers and the associate businesses, who produce these Natural medicines, to continue to operate, alongside the multi-nationals, if you so desire to take their products. This MUST BE your choice and your choice ONLY. This choice is a given right to everyone.

I hope that you can see the point of this letter and I am writing this for your health sake.

I have not seen a doctor for 48 years for sickness and I believe that if I had done so, I may not be here today, that is if I had gone along with chemical prescriptions in the first place.

One drug leads to another and once you are on the treadmill, you cannot get off.



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