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This afternoon, a friend came past and started to complain about his neck, how the nerves in his neck are so sore, as soon as he turns his head to one side. He told me that the doctor said, having seen his X-rays or whatever test he had done, that the vertebrae in his neck were full of osteophytes and they were the cause of his pain. These bony substances are pretty rough and behave like sandpaper, rubbing the nerves, going into the arms. He said there is little they can do for it, but here we go again. If you read my book about acid/alkaline, arthritis and what it does, and where it comes from, you will realise that if you spend the whole of your life, eating and drinking acid forming drinks and food, you can only expect this to happen. These particular nerves, travel down the arm and can cause the common effects of tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and alike, as I wrote in the book as well.

I know, this man was never told this was going to happen when he was young, BUT if he started on an alkaline diet today, he will certainly improve in the future. I cannot say, how much better he will be, but it is worth trying.

However, he should STOP drinking beer, and any other alcohol, stop eating meat and breads etc, and all the things I suggest in these pages in the book. Only consume alkaline foods and drinks.

Yes, it will be the hardest thing he will have to do in his whole life I would imagine, but if he doesn’t change his ways, he should stop complaining to others and pretend he has no problems.

He would be so much better to have a go and prove to is mates and friends, that if you try really hard, you can achieve anything. There is no such word as “can’t” and it is NOT in the dictionary either. He knows what I think and I ignored the whole story today, because I told him before: “It is no point telling you what to do anyway, you won’t change.”

His answer was then:”Stop drinking beer?” I said yes AND stop smoking and a whole lot more.

I’m not doing that, he said. I told him he was quite mad not to, because he still has plenty of years before him. Taking the horse to water again, but you cannot make him drink, can you?

There are so many conditions, which relate to acidity and if you look back through the book and other accounts around the world, if you don’t believe me, you will find out that alkaline bodies are healthy bodies. No negative pathogens can survive in an alkaline state, but they just love the acid.

This is all part of the lack of education as well and I have mentioned that in schools and at home, we should be taught these things and once upon a time these instructions were passed on from one generation to the other. Today we don’t have time to teach the children anything at home any more, at least very little, except for some parents I know, who try really hard to get the message imprinted in their children’s head.

Father works, mother does most of the time as well and when they come home tired, these is little lime to discuss such things or spend time with the children in the kitchen and teach them how to prepare a proper meal. All they see is a pre-cooked, frozen meal being put in the microwave oven and that is dinner! What about that, how easy was that then? Who wants to cook and spend time preparing vegetables, which make a real meal. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make a wholesome meal. In fact some good ingredients are sometimes completely ruined, by these chefs. Some foods are prepared days before the event and re-heated several times, till eventually they appear on he dinner table. I know, because my son was a `very good chef“ and he learned from all different chefs from around the world. The trouble is, that these foods taste very spectacular and that’s why people like them, but they don’t realise the food value is not there. That must always be the first consideration, surely.

There is nothing wrong with a nice variety of steamed vegetables, freshly prepared and eaten immediately. Yes, you can dress them up with a sauce, but not from a packet!!! Make a mushroom sauce with buckwheat flour and pour that over the vegetables, or snip some fresh parsley from the garden instead of mushrooms, anything fresh is great.

If the above man would do things like that, he will be better soon; I mean better as in improved. We can never guarantee the result, without a consultation of course and even then there are so many variables.

In the book, you must have read my analogy with the car. If you find a small amount of rust in the car one day, don’t keep talking about it, FIX IT!! Yes, there and then, because if you wait, it is going to get worse and that is a guarantee.

So if you find a little discomfort in your body, do something about it then and don’t wait a moment longer. There is no time to wait, because it is going to get worse and then you will complain all the time, till people get sick of hearing about it. Behind your back they will talk and discuss you as a complainer, always talking about your “rust”. When you fix it or have it fixed by a professional person, make sure you don’t just take the pain away! No, attack the cause and get rid of it. See about the leaking roof in the book. It is no good just drying the carpet each time it rains.

You see what I mean? I know how difficult it is going to be, believe you me. I have seen many patients go through these times and there are many moments when they want to give up. If you have a partner, a child, a friend or a neighbour, help them all you can and give them moral support. That is hard as well mind you, but if we love them, surely we will do our utmost to see them through these rough patches.

Wow, what a job we have before us, either as a sufferer, or as a helper, but a good deed is so deserving. Remember, that if you are the sufferer, you would like someone to support you, wouldn’t you? Of course and it will make the job so much easier.

I hope that I have inspired some more of you to take real care of yourself and that in a little while you turn around and you can say: “I did it all by myself; my mates said I could not do it, but I feel so much better now.”

Till next time, with love, Shanti.


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