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People have asked me what I eat on an average day and I did not really want to influence you, but it may be a good guide to look at, for your personal diet.

For quite a few years I was a vegetarian and was quite strict with that, but still ate some fish from time to time, as I thought that the omega 3 intake I was having was not enough. During these years, there were many times that I craved some meat, some really good steak, being an “O” type blood group person, but I never wavered from the vegetarian diet.

Since 2009, when I went my own way, I tried some meat and I really felt good eating it, but still did not like the idea, that an animal was slaughtered for my pleasure.

My meat intake is only very small and maybe once or twice a week and the portion is not more than what you can put into the palm of your hand, not including the fingers.

Alright here we go. I start my day with a glass of Ph 8 alkaline water. Get dressed for my walk of 5 to 6 km, taking 40 minute to complete. Do some “warming down exercises” and have another glass of water when I get back and sit in the sun for ½ hour and do some meditation.

When I come inside, I prepare my breakfast and as it is cooking I have a shower, using a body brush and I use only body shampoo, not soap, as I have described in my book and in my articles.

I eat a vegetable omelette for breakfast almost every day, made with one egg, a level teaspoon of psyllium husks, a level teaspoon of slippery elm bark powder and some water, all mixed well together in a large bowl. Eggs can be eliminated altogether, using psyllium hulls and slippery elm powder. These make a nice, but jelly-fied base, where eggs make it firmer

Into that I mix some shredded cabbage, or Chinese cabbage, a few green beans cut up small, grated carrot, cut up mushrooms, maybe some grated beetroot or anything I have in the fridge. This is not a recipe, but a suggestion, which can be varied to suit yourself.

When all the ingredients are stirred together, I fry them in a frying pan with olive oil or coconut oil. As soon as the mixture is in the pan, I flatten the contents around the pan and cover the pan with a lid, turning down the heat to minimum on my gas stove. I leave it there for about 5 to 6 minutes and when you can smell the cooking of the eggs etc, I turn off the gas and leave it all to steam for another 5 minutes, before sliding the whole slab onto my dinner plate. Sprinkle a little herb salt or veggie salt over it and enjoy my big breakfast, which carries me through the whole morning and into the afternoon.

Some mornings, I may have half of a large paw-paw, it all depends on what I feel like and even that will fill me to last for hours. I always drink a glass of water every hour to hour and a half or so and always made to be Ph 8.

For lunch, which is usually later in the afternoon, say 3 to 4 o’clock, I sit down to a big bowl of fresh salad, containing, lettuce, spinach leaves, shredded red cabbage, avocado, grated carrot, tomato, olives, mushrooms, lemon juice and olive oil or green pumpkin oil (a bit expensive but really good), some real pepitas, the dark green flat ones and also some sunflower kernels. This mixture is another very healthy meal and suits me, as the digestion time is short and I go to bed without food in my stomach.

If I have not had a fruit breakfast, I will have some fruit during the day as a snack and also some nuts, such as macadamias, brasil nuts or almonds. I do not spend too much energy during the day these days, except for my 5 to 6 km walk every day.

There are times, when I make a pot of soup, with pumpkin, sweet potatoe, onions, garlic, seaweed (Kelp), carrot, green beans or peas, broccoli, celery, fennel, mushrooms or whatever. If there is too much for one meal, which I usually finish up with, I put some away in the fridge. I usually add some butter beans or any other pulses, like lentils, chick peas etc., so as to get a variety of intake of the whole range of the vegetable world. I often freeze some of the soup, for a later date, as sometimes cooking after a trip is a chore and all I have to do is defrost some soup and a meal is served.

I like to make a tomato sauce as well and put that over penne or spaghetti or even rice. The sauce is made by browning 2 brown onions and garlic in olive oil, 2 tomatoes, a small aubergine and some green vegetables like peas or broccoli and always add some mushrooms for flavour. Let that simmer for a while till smooth and cooked properly. Whatever is left over, I put in the fridge or freezer for RON; LATERON. Get it ?

I make rissoles with top quality mince beef, one egg, cut up vegetables, some peas, tomato mushrooms and whatever, add a little curry powder, basil herb, vegetable or herb salt and some organic buckwheat flour for thickening, mix very well and fry or bar-b-que as patties in some olive oil, till brown, turn them over and do the same on the other side.

The grains I eat are whole brown rice, millet, quinoa, corn and buckwheat and some more exotic ones if they are available. I do not eat the gluten grains: Wheat, barley, rye and oats.

So all in all I think I get a good variety of all the vegetable kingdom. I never eat bread, as the stuff you get in the supermarkets is not for me, thank you! I don’t want to bake my own in the caravan, as I am on my own.

I make pancakes or crepes from time to time and use them as wraps. The recipe is: One beaten egg, some water beaten into the egg and then add as much buckwheat flour as needed to make it a paint-like consistency. Let this mixture stand for ½ hour, stir again and then bake in a hot skillet till brown. You can make them thick (pancakes) or thin (crepes) whatever you want, by altering the thickness of the mixture.

I eat fruits in season and NEVER (if I can help it) eat imported fruits or vegetables, as they are firstly out of season and secondly most of them are irradiated before entering the country.

I certainly NEVER use a microwave, as mentioned in my book. Some people tell me that they do not have the time to cook brown rice, so that is why they eat white rice or whatever grain. If I cannot organise my day, to prepare food that is sustaining and good for me, than I should not eat at all, as I certainly will never eat refined or take-away stuff. My health is important to me. I want to keep my body healthy and clean for my soul to live in and survive for a long time. After all I am in charge of my destiny and health, nobody else. I am the healer if I get sick and so far I have not seen a doctor for ill-health for about 50 years

I don’t drink any coffee, tea, soft drinks, cordials or fruit drinks. I stick with good old fashioned water, which I filter and alkalize to Ph 8.0. Boring you may say, well I love to be well and I show it.

I have been there and done that and it is not for me any more.

What about a drink of alcohol you may ask. The only time I consider a drink of maybe wine, is when there is a good reason to celebrate, it will be a ¼ glass or so to be social, but I usually rather drink a glass of grape juice. Beer, well yes, during the hot summer days, I may drink a glass of 0.5% alcohol brewed beer on occasions as well, which is available from the supermarket.

We all sin from time to time and that is okay, as long as we don’t make a habit of it. In my book I clearly state the use of Alkaline food against Acid food to be at a ratio of 80% to 20%. That way we should be well for a long time. Please take note of all the little side informations I give you in my book and in the Articles on my website, which are published every 2 weeks.

I hope you will be better informed by the above information, but remember that this is MY diet.

Good luck and very good health to you all. Also remember that YOU are your own healer. Be positive about life and you can achieve anything. At times we need help from others, but you are in charge and the help will come when you put it out there.

Shanti with love as always.


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