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An interesting observation, occurred to me a while ago, when I was watching TV. Not often do I watch television, but on this occasion, I sat through an ad, which really astounded me. They were advertising a bug killer and said that was all automatic and you did not have to do the spraying yourself. This gadget did it all, 24 hours a day, automatically. A little puff every so often and the house is free of bugs for up to a number of days or even weeks. Than another ad later on, also mentioned that you can have one outside your home and when this is working, no bugs would annoy you there either. This spray, puts a bug free halo over the house and garden, free from bugs, like a glass dome. That is the way they advertise it on the ad.

HELLO!!! The bells were started to ring for me, when I saw this and realised, that all day, 24/7, inside or outside, the bugs were being killed, with poison, okay? Don’t you think you are being spared from these toxic chemicals? It doesn’t matter if you are a human and so much bigger than a bug, but eventually, these chemicals are GOING TO GET YOU!! A little drop at the time, but over time it is going to accumulate in your system and you become the BUG that is being treated. One drop of rain, eventually makes a flood.

These chemical companies are so clever, knowing we are all looking for convenient ways of doing things today, so out went the fly swatter, in came the hand-held spray can and now, even that thing is old fashioned technology. They know that we are gullible enough to fall for these tricks, but do you see what I mean?

The lady in the ad was very excited and danced around the floor, after she started the gadget and she was ever so pleased, she had found a new way of doing things.

In today’s world, we are travelling just too fast and expect new things to happen in our lives on a daily basis. See all the electronic devices that are marketed today. You can walk into a shop daily and find new things there every time. Buy something today and tomorrow it is out of date.

TOO FAST to comprehend all this and it is not necessary. If your mobile phone for instance is quite a few years old, you may need another one one day, but not within a few months from purchasing the one you have, surely. Isn’t that keeping up with the Joneses?

But as I said, today we expect this to happen and the manufacturers are rubbing their hand together and making millions out of you. The millionaires today are those people, who are inventing gadgets. We know them all; oh and the mining magnates, who dig up our beautiful earth for their profit, not yours by the way..

Well my friends, I am hard on you, but I would like to see you healthy. Health is all I am concerned about and if we keep away from chemicals in and outside the home, we will do much better. I have written articles about chemicals in our home on a number of occasions in “Articles” on my website. Please read them as well.

I saw a “tennis racket like” gadget last year, which has a battery in it and charges the strings on the racket. As soon as a bug hits it, it gets zapped and drops to the floor. The guy using it was living in a caravan and when he was watching TV or reading, he had this thing in his hand and swiped it at the nearest bug that came near him and he was having fun doing it as well. At least he wasn’t being poisoned!

Okay, that is it for now.

Till next time, good health and think before you buy these “convenience” gadgets”, for HEALTH SAKE.

Love you as always, Shanti


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