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Something that has bugged me for years, to hear from people that they make appointments and have to sit and wait for ages, before being attended to, that must be so annoying. Why do we make appointments, if we cannot be seen when we arrive? Okay, we all know that at times there are circumstances beyond the control of the doctor, where a patient needs an extended time for whatever reason, but it happens all the time I believe. Fortunately I haven’t seen a doctor for sickness for over 50 years and I am so pleased, because I don’t think I would be here today, swallowing all those pills and potions made up of poisonous chemicals, but that is another story altogether.

What I am writing about today is that the patient, who works in a job, has to take time off work to attend to these meetings and that is fine, if you get what you want, but ask the doctor to see you for more than one item, you have to make an appointment again for another time. 2 items cannot be dealt with in one appointment. Somehow the government made these rules.

What about the patient? Is he/she not important and don’t they have a life that deals with time as well? Is there nothing else to do than sitting in waiting rooms all your life? And another thing, driving causes pollution and every time you drive, you cause more pollution in the atmosphere, something we don’t want. The medical profession maybe loves it, because it causes diseases and that is what they live off. They call this the “Health system” and a good friend of mine calls it the “Sickness industry”. making money from diseases, caused by man himself. If you look up the effects of drugs that are given to people by the medical profession, you will be horrified. They all cause nasty side effects. And I have written about them before. As I stated in an earlier article:” Before you have your prescription filled, go home and look that drug up on the internet and find out if the side effects out-weigh the sickness you are trying to cure.” Most of the time, a disease will cure itself over time, BUT PREVENTION is the cure. In my book I tell people to do the right thing from as early in life as possible. I urge parents to deal with health for their offspring from the beginning of a child’s life. Yes, we have gone a long way from the natural habits we should be dealing with today, so it becomes hard, very hard to change back to nature.

If you are happy to sit in waiting rooms, drive for hours and than take poisons, GO AHEAD, but don’t blame me if you don’t get better and YOU WON’T GET BETTER EITHER. Usually there is a shift in direction and one thing gets “Cured”, but another side effect happens and the merry-go-round is in full swing.

Let us love this place we call Earth and respect it for what we get out of it NATURALLY. We can be so lucky if we do. We can be happy and be treated like Kings and Queens by ourselves and others and give back unselfishly to our brothers and sisters. We should be well and healthy and vibrant and loving and giving and harmonious and appreciative and willing and able to live forever.

Well, there is another one off my chest and I hope things will change and that we all get respected for whom we are and given a chance to help others in the time we are here. No one is better than any other person in this world. We are all important, yes IMPORTANT, whatever we do in life, so we should be respected by professionals everywhere, after all, we EMPLOY THE DOCTOR, SOLICITOR, DENTIST or whoever, so they must respect that. Without your appointment, they would not be there, would they? So you have rights, just the same as they do. The fact that someone was more clever than another person and can study academic stuff, this does not mean that the doer amongst us is not a very integral part of society. WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT !

The so-called professional person will employ a gardener, a painter, a builder and even less appreciated professions like a clean up man and they are supposed to be on time and get the job done as well. Do we appreciate that person? There is no difference between professions, we are all needed. If the garbage collectors weren’t there, what would happen? It has happened, when they go on strike for better conditions etc, and it is not nice to see the garbage piled up on the side of the roads

Lets do the right thing for all the people and be happy!



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