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Dear friends,

This article will probably be the most significant message I will ever write to you.

I can see you frown already, but it is not a negative one, indeed it is one of the most positive messages one could ever receive in his/her lifetime.

Some of you already know, that on the 5th and 6th of June, Venus, the Morning Star, the Light giver, related to LOVE, HUMAN UNITY, BEAUTY AND ONENESS, passed in front of the Sun and lined up with the Earth as well. This is a significant event, which happens only once every 121.5 years, so that likely, this will be the only time in your life.

When this happens, it happens in two stages. The first passing was in 2004, eight years ago and that opened a “window” as it were, through which Unity, Consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth. At the end of 2012, will be the completion of the current cycle of human evolution, which is a 2.600 year cycle of humanity.

The Mayan people, have predicted this event and saw this as a point in time, that would herald the great shift, leading up to 21/12/2012 and their calendar stops at the end of 2012, for whatever reason. There is a lot written about that, if you like to look it up on the internet.

These 2 days, gave us a tremendous energy surge, transmitted between our Creator consciousness and instinctual desires, to bring what we are into being.

“What do you want for yourself”? AFFIRM IT!

This time is a reactivation of the solar Feminine. The Divine feminine is rising, meaning heart based living.

Venus correlates to the principle of RELATEDNESS, RELATIONSHIPS AND RELATIVITY.

If you wish to read a more detailed account of what is written in this article, write too me and I will send you the email I received yesterday, from which I extracted this letter.

A personal note.

When I was in the desert in 2009, doing my 10 day meditation and fast, I was reminded daily, that Venus was special. I even wrote a poem about THE MORNING STAR, as Venus was there every morning, bright and early, heralding the new day coming.

For those of you, who have my book, “Victory over dis…eases, you can read my account, what happened to me and the change it had made in my life. The name change to Shanti, is very significant in itself and must radiate PEACE AND LOVE, something people can feel, when they approach me. I do not have bad days any more. Every day is a Good day, a Happy day, a Carefree day and I am helping people to have a good day as well.

I have been judged by some for my actions in the past, something I regret, but I hope that with my love for everyone, I will be forgiven, if you happen to be one of them.

Now my life has taken a turnaround and I am at Peace, full of Love and I am Harmonious with the universe as a whole. For that reason, I dedicated my book to the Universe, rather than one person or a few. In other words, you are one of the millions of people, whom I had in mind, when I decided to do the dedication.

Shanti with love, as always.


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