Watching TV

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Watching TV

I had the good fortune of a broken TV set for a period of over 6 months. I was not worried, because I did not watch TV that often anyway and when I watched anything on TV, it was usually a wild life documentary or sport, like tennis.

The problem was a faulty aerial connection. I knew it was not much, but I could not be bothered having it fixed, as I had other things to do with my time, which were very much more important than seeing violence, stupid characters in movies, children’s programs which are not suitable for viewing as they portray all the wrong things of real life, unreal situations in families, violent “sports”, etc.

I am sure you must agree with me, that there are very few decent programs on the telly and we don’t turn it off. Instead, we should sit and talk to each other or play board games or something that involves the whole family together. We have become a nation of zombies, sitting and staring at the TV screen, quietly being indoctrinated with NEGATIVE stuff. This is very serious mind you.

Where is the love gone, that could affect the whole world? If we as individuals would firstly love our selves and then love our neighbour, the whole world would be so different and beautiful, peaceful, without fights, wars, hate, violence, destruction, all the negativity etc, etc.

Very seldom we see or hear a positive news item on the news hour. The hour is filled with negative items, we are supposed to be interested in them. The way they portray the news, is as if we like to see or hear all that.

Well, I have asked many people about the contents of the news (and programs) we see or hear and everyone I talked to agreed with me that there is nothing worthwhile looking at. Strangely though, a lot of these very same people, watch TV avidly every day and night. One finds it hard NOT to turn on the TV at night especially. The reason is, that we have got used to doing so for a long time and we have forgotten to get the board game out in stead. The thing to do is to leave the board game or jigsaw puzzle out on the card table, so you can start the game immediately, when the time comes to have some real FAMILY fun.

Not having watched TV for 6 months, hasn’t done me any harm and when I had the thing fixed, I came across exactly the same stuff I saw all these months ago, except they changed the names.

TV companies find it very important to put on items such as house fires, murders, rapes, all sorts of other nasty attacks on people, road accidents, police violence, bloody faces after attacks, overseas railway accidents, sportsmen and women being naughty etc.

I had my personal experience, when I organised my book launch. I went to a number of radio stations and TV channels and asked them if they could cover this event, something I thought was important for the community, a book, to teach us how to be happy and healthy in all the different ways of our life, surely should have some attraction.

Two TV station producers  said they would cover the event, BUT both of them told me, if there was a house fire on that day or around that time, they would not be able to come. As I said above, house fires are in the news every day and the reporters seem to find them all the time. I wonder if these people are arsonists?

I was told people want that sensationalism, but as I said earlier as well, my research tells me differently. It is not as if I asked just a few people, I have asked hundreds by now and I still get the same answer. I have not found a single person who likes what they see on TV news.

The real news is never shown and maybe we are not told what is really going on, because it could affect the economy or business.

We need to really start thinking again and work out what value we put on life. Firstly the value of our own life, our personal values, which are so important. We as spirits, living in our body, have a responsibility to care for both. We dwell in our body and need to keep it healthy and clean. Just the same as we keep our houses clean and tidy. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and we are part of God, we therefore need to be more aware of the beauty of our lives and appreciate the health and happiness we should afford. When we, as individuals are happy and healthy, we are so much more valuable to society as a whole. Not just one person, no all of us together. I have spoken about similar situations before and I will continue to do so in the future, as this is so important for the whole Universe.

If peace could only reign everywhere, what a place this world of ours would be.

I know, YOU, the person reading this article, do agree with me, but are you going to turn the TV off more now? Are you just going to watch your favourite program, which is educating or entertaining you and your family, instead of sitting there all night and even watch the ads? You know these ads are also very damaging and they are trying to make you believe that what they are selling is GOOD and even cheap. “You can tell by the red stripe through the original retail figure”. As if we believe them doing that.

All I would like to see is a happy YOU and Family, who is enjoying the companionship of all the house members. Yes, invite guests to come and join the family fun as well and try to do so without alcohol. Alcohol should not be so important, as it is a bad example to the children who are there with you. Sharing is great. Giving is greater still and as you read in my article about giving from the heart, on 30 June 2013; it is so amazing.

Okay folks, that’s all for now. Hope to be back in 2 weeks with some more of my thoughts.

Lots of love from me, Shanti.


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