Setting targets

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Setting targets.

In our life, setting targets is something we have to do all the time. I will start with a few examples.

A football player, in order to score a goal, must kick the ball into the goal, which is his target. If somehow, the goal could be lifted off the sports field, while the game is in full swing, and the players are trying to get to that side of the field which has the goal and suddenly they realise that there is no goal to kick the ball into. This would be a frustration to the players.

There is no target to reach, nothing but frustration. “Where is the target (the goal)?”

If you are in the market to build or buy a house and you design this house to exactly the way you would want it, that is setting a target and it will be great to eventually live in this house. If however, you just buy a house and you don’t even see it before you occupy this house, most likely you would be very disappointed, because it is not what you wanted at all.

There are so many examples of target setting, as you can imagine, so to be happy in life, you MUST SET TARGETS. Where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve? This is not HOW TO GET THERE< mind you.

If you would like a job, doing something you really like, that supplies you with the money to survive, you also must set a target; if you would like to be healthy, you must set that target and so on. The most important target you will ever set for yourself, is to be happy and in love with yourself and your fellow men and women and nature and the whole Universe. We must love everything, from the smallest insect to the largest tree or animal, or even the stars and the sky and the clouds and rain and the sun. Even the pains we suffer from time to time,whether they are physical or emotional and can be very horrible, we must learn to love them, as they are reminders of something that is going wrong in our body. Yes, why do we get pains? Pains are an alarm bell going off to tell you, you must take action in that department and fix whatever is wrong. Is no good killing the pain and find that it does not hurt any more, because the disease will keep raging on regardless and in turn do damage to that area. To attack pain, is to have it investigated and properly treated, so the cause will be gone and with that the pain as well.

To be healthy in all departments of life, physical, mental, sexual, emotional and spiritual, we must set the target to be well. WE are in charge of our body and nobody else is. It is no good to pray for help, because YOU are in charge, you are the creator of all these things and YOU must fix them.

Positive thinking and organising your problems, is the key. When we are in trouble, we must immediately re-set the target for good health in any of the above areas. Doctors can not really do it for you, as today they immediately get the prescription pad out and start writing a poisonous script, which will kill the pain, but unfortunately will affect you in another way and sometimes the contra-indications of these drugs, cause more problems than the original one. A famous author said:” Medicine is a science, where the doctors play a game, while the patient heals himself.” You set the target for good health and you WILL get there. I am so pleased that I have been able to witness this fact myself and I continually surprise people with my health and age I have reached, without the medical profession. I have set the target to be well and create a beautiful body for my spirit to dwell in and be happy. It has been a difficult road sometimes, as I too had hurdles to cross, but I continually set a target to get out on the other side as well as can be and that is to be as `perfect` as possible. As I mentioned, this is not just physical, but also mental, sexual, emotional and spiritual first and foremost. Please my readers, you will be well. You set the target, follow your belief in this target, jump the hurdles and the results will speak for themselves. We are led to believe, that as soon as we get hurt, we must run to the doctor. This is so deeply ingrained in our brain by modern standards, that we don’t know anything else. You are the healer. Read in my book, where I constantly mention the fact, that a practitioner is only a director, setting you on a course for good health, but you are doing the healing. A practitioner is guiding you and giving you inspiration to forge ahead with this plan of healing your body or/and your spiritual health. Don’t be afraid to meditate or pray, whatever you prefer to call it and do the healing yourself. You don’t usually need anyone else, but don’t be afraid to call for help, if you feel more comfortable that way. That is what we are here for. We as practitioners are trained to help you set the target in whatever field you have a problem. Very often, a practitioner is there to share with you and as an old saying goes:”A problem shared, is a problem halved.” Our job is to share our love with you and in doing so, help heal the wounds.

So, SET TARGETS ALL THE TIME, because without that goal` you will not get a score.

I hope this will help you in the future. I know it will, if you believe in yourself. Love yourself first and you will be fine.

Lots of love from me as always, Shanti


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