The land of milk and honey

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The Land of milk and honey.

My dear readers. Let me start this article with an apology, if I seem to upset anyone, who is very religious and believes in the Bible, please do not be upset, because I do not mean to go against anything the Bible says.

However, there are scriptures, which are written by the various authors, who use analogies, to make it clear to the readers of the Bible, what they mean, as the Bible is written for all men and women of this world, some of whom are not academics and need simpler explanations of situations. That is why I used the title above.

Just to recap the things I have written in my book and in some articles since then, about all the negative hype about drinking milk and how good it is for you, especially for calcium intake. Just a quick repeat. I have written:”What is milk?” “Milk is baby food; cow’s milk for calves and human milk for human babies etc”, the list goes on. However, if we as humans decide to drink milk, it should be at least real, fresh, un-adulterated milk, not pasteurised or homogenised, which causes the calcium in the milk to be locked up and becomes unavailable to the user. Secondly, all mammals at the age of two years, lose the enzymes to digest milk (that is the milk of their own species). There is more written in my book or in the previous articles.

Okay, the discussion between a good Christian friend of mine and myself, was the drinking of milk and I said the stuff is no good. He than came back with the argument that the Bible says: “The people were sent to the Land of Milk and Honey”. In other words he understands this to mean, they were told to drink milk and eat honey, because that is good for you, the Bible says. Here we have a point of discussion, which he wanted to stop, because he is a very great believer in what the Bible says and that’s fine and I appreciate that, but he is wrong in believing, that this statement means that milk and honey are good for you.

Can you follow me? This statement was made in the Bible, to tell people that the land was a fertile land and this land would sustain them. It was rich in every way for survival and would grow anything they wanted to sow.

People from some Middle Eastern countries and in Africa, drink goats milk and yaks milk, which indeed is closer to human milk than cows milk and of course it is not pasteurised or homogenised. These good people also make all sorts of dishes with the milk and ferment it is various ways, which makes it more available to us and is digested easier. Than the argument came to Yoghurt. Well yoghurt is fermented milk, but most of the available yoghurt is made with cows milk again. Not only that, it is sweetened and flavoured. These sweeteners are mainly sugar and the flavours are on the whole artificial. Read the labels and find out for yourself. By reading my book, you will find out what I think of sweets and chemical flavours.

I hope to have cleared this up for you and please do not be offended by my statements, if you are a follower of the Bible. Living by the Bible is a pretty good life and I wished more people would do so. We would have a much better world.

Thank you and I will be back with more later, Shanti with love.


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