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Diabetes + 

Hello everyone. I am not familiar with diabetes, but I made some interesting observations lately of 2 men, one in his 70’s and the other man in his 60’s.

The first case. He is 75 years old and has had diabetes for a long time. He also has high blood pressure and bad circulation in his hands and feet and is overweight. A few years ago, he had a triple heart bypass operation as well. I don’t know if he has any more other problems, but he did not tell me about them. He will not exercise at all, not even go for a 100 metre walk.

The second case is a man of 62 years of age and he is in a bad way. Apart from diabetes he has high blood pressure, is over weight, high blood sugar levels, cholesterol high, bad circulation and is incontinent. He is a house father with 2 teenage children. Now for a man of his age this is a terrible situation.

Together with these above complaints, both of these two men are very forgetful, they are slow moving, no energy, always tired, cannot make up their minds about anything, disorganised, untidy, generally awkward and they “want to, but cannot” do things.

I thought I bring this to your attention, as maybe you or someone close to you has the same or similar symptoms and have never been properly diagnosed and/or treated.

I know from these two cases, that all they do all the time is go to the doctors and get more medications.

The 62 year old, had a box full of medicines when I saw him the first time and I asked him:” what are all these medicines for?”

He answered me with the usual reply, as many people do:”I don’t know any more, because each time I go to see the doctor, in a clinic of at least 8 doctors, I see another practitioner and he/she gives me another set of medications.”

I suggested to him to take all of them back next time he had to see the doctor and get a new start, which he did.

This situation is not an isolated one and many people in the community are in the same boat. We have to be more vigilant about what we take as far as medications are concerned, as all of them are poisonous and have many side effects, especially when we take more than one at the time. Look them up on the net and you will be surprised what they do, besides “treating your problem”. I mentioned this in previous writings and I think you should remember to do so, each time you get a prescription and BEFORE you have it filled.

Here we have a typical need to prevent rather than to cure.

I have given these two my opinion about their lifestyle, as far as exercise and diet is concerned, but I don’t know whether they will follow through. I think the 62 year old is keen to be well again and says he will follow my instructions, but the 75 year old tells me “….he is an old man.” In other words, that is his excuse to be sick, because society dictates to him, where he is. He refuses to accept the fact that you can be vital and active at any age. I mentioned before in a previous article, that we should never mention our age, as this can become a problem. Accept your life and vitality and enjoy youthfulness all the time. Don’t start thinking about heart attacks and strokes, or I can’t do this or that, because you have been here for a long time. This is just the way to get a heart attack or stroke, thinking about it all the time; you draw this to yourself. Be youthful and active in the body as well as the mind. Think YOUNG. My book ends with the words:

Shine like a beacon, run like a hare and act like a teenager”.

This is what it is all about for all of our life and when your `use-by date` comes along, things will be easy and you will be taken without being sick or diseased.

PREVENTION IS THE SECRET. Nobody should be in the above or any other situation, where we get so low, that life is a misery. In MOST cases, these symptoms can be prevented, if only we were shown the way early, to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Take care of yourself by having a good and healthy diet, exercise daily, keep in touch with your doctor, especially when you change your diet and love everything around you. Have no hate and forgive quickly, if you make a mistake. Don’t carry a grudge, but discuss the matter immediately and go on living happily. Be in touch with your Maker and ask for daily help and protection.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It is easy to say all these things, I hear you say, but it can be done. If you read my book, you will read about what I had to endure at times and how I made the changes in my life. IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY, in fact it is NEVER easy, but the challenge is worthwhile and the outcome is fantastic. People see me now, after I did some deep meditations in the desert in 2009 and the difference is outstanding. They can hardly believe the difference and each time I meet a friend, whom I have not seen for a while, the comments are always the same:”Gosh, you look well and younger than last time I saw you.” These are nice comments and it makes me even more adamant to keep going the way I am. I must be doing something right. When people think I am 60 when I am actually almost 80, that’s not too bad hey!

I have been able to help the 62 year old man recently and I am proud that my body stood up to the challenge of the physical requirements, which were quit challenging at times.

I hope you can take some notice of the above information and make your life a bit happier or the life of someone near and dear to you.

Lots of love from me again, Shanti.

PS. Amazingly, while I was just about to publish this article, a friend came in and showed me a book about diabetes, written by Dr.Sandra Cabot MD, about reversing diabetes naturally, called:” Diabetes Type 2. you can reverse it naturally” (ISBN 978-0-975-74367-6)

I am sure that Sandra would not mind me telling you about her book, as it tells you what to do.

I have written about synchronicity in the past on a number of occasions and here we have one of them again. For this book to be introduced to me, just at the right time, is so good.

As well as the book, a pamphlet about BergaMet, a natural plant derivative (Citrus Bergamia Risso, known as Bergamot), was found in the book. This natural medication supports healthy cholesterol levels and healthy blood sugar levels as well.

Is this not fantastic?

Good luck and good health forever.


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