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THE NEEM TREE. (Azadirachta indico)

The Neem tree has been known to have healing properties for thousands of years by the people of India and countries of the sub-continent.

All parts of the tree have amazing healing and health properties such as: antiseptic, anti viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and anti fungal.

In Sanscrit the name of the Neem tree suggests “The cure of all ailments”.

  1. The Neem tree oil is used as an insecticide and medicinal, for pest control and is used in the field of cosmetics.

  2. The Neem seeds: After the oil has been extracted, the residue is used to enrich the soil and lower nitrogen losses. This use also reduces the nematodes in the soil.

  3. The Neem leaves are used to treat Chicken pox and warts, by directly applying the paste to the skin. They also are used to increase immunity. They can be used in a dried form, capsulated, internally, to reduce fever in cases of malaria. Soak your feet in a Neem tea bath for fungal problems. Leaves may be used in the storage containers of grains, to ward off weevils etc.

  4. Twigs of the Neem tree are used to brush your teeth. Some toothpastes have Neem in them, to ward off mouth/gum infections.

  5. Neem leaf and seed extracts can be used as a spermicide.

  6. The powdered bark and root of the Neem can be used as a treatment for lice and fleas on your pets.

  7. Neem’s anti-bacterial properties are therefore used to treat skin problems such as Psoriasis, Acne, Scabies, Eczema and more. Also you can treat Diabetes, AIDS, Cancer, Heart disease, Herpes, Allergies and more.

  8. Neem is used as an insect repellent for both personal use and in the garden, in health care and cosmetic products. Soaps, Toothpaste, Shampoos, Lotions and Creams.

  9. Neem is non-toxic to animals and protects crops from over 200 of the most common pests.


The above mentioned uses for Neem are given for informational purposes only. The writer is not responsible for what you do with this information.

The information has been gathered from various websites and publications in the media/internet.


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