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I am inserting another article here, on the date I usually mention some facts about Vitamins and Minerals, as I find this very important.

Some of you know that I travel around Australia in a caravan and love this life, as I meet so many beautiful people. Some of them have problems they like to share and solve and I seem to be there for them all the time.

I have the most remarkable incidences, where someone may come to see me, as I am sitting quietly reading outside my caravan.

The person approaches me with a saying:”May I come and speak to you, or may I come in the morning and bring my wife/girlfriend so we can have a chat!”

This is the work of a professional councillor, but since I have spoken to so many people over the years, I may be classed as a councillor anyway.

The results of my work are remarkable. All the people I have seen over the last few years, are very happy with the advice I have given them and they thank me (most of the time) with a big hug.

One lady arrived in a National park late in the afternoon and drove past where I was sitting, talking to other caravanners. As she drove past, I HEARD her saying:”Please come and see me; I want to talk to you”.

I have this ability to hear people’s thoughts, once they tune into me. Anyway, I went to see her in the morning and told her that I heard her voice. She said that she was calling me. We sat down for about 2 hours and she talked about some of her problems. We parted for a while and went to sit along a beautiful creek later on in the day and meditated together. The next day we met again and more topics were discussed. Well, she had so many things she wanted to talk about, that we could not lose each other for 5 weeks, even though we kept saying goodbye every couple of days.

I did not know where she went and she did not know where I went on a daily basis, but there we met again, to continue our conversations.

In the same National park, some time later, on my way back south, I came in late in the afternoon after a difficult day driving, through fog and mist over the mountains of the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland. I was quite tired, but as I drove in, only one 4WD car was there and as I drove past him to park my caravan, I heard him saying:”Thank goodness that you have arrived. I have been waiting for ages and why are you so late?”

Well I thought, if only you knew what sort of a day I have had, you can understand why.

Anyway, I parked my caravan and went to see him, just to introduce myself, as they were the only 2 other people in the park.

As I introduced myself, he said almost immediately:”Can I come and see you in the morning?” I replied with a yes of course and as soon as he awoke, he came over with a cup of tea in his hand and we sat down. He had some relationship issues he wanted to clear up, so we discussed his problems and after about 1 ½ hours, he called over his girlfriend and they hugged and kissed. Soon after, they both embraced me and jumped and skipped away towards their car, packed up and went on their way. All the way down the drive in the park, they waved and yelled out `thank you Shanti, good bye.`

I was almost crying, because they were so happy. It really fills me with glee, to see people solve their problems, as I know what it is like to be stressed, as you may read in my book.

Only a few weeks ago, I met a couple from WA at another National park. He came over as soon as I parked my caravan and introduced himself. He was a very nice man and asked me if I did mind him looking like a “hippy”.

I said what difference does looks make? Well he said that so many people make up their minds on looks alone. Well I really enjoyed their company for 3 days and they too had issues they wanted to talk about, as their families were brought together after both these two were divorced and re-married and there were children involved. The usual mess through the court system and compromises as to when they have the children etc.

6 Children in total were involved, of which 4 were still at home. They decided to take a holiday together, as these 4 younger children were with their mother anyway. But he missed them so much, as we were on the East coast of Australia and the children were on the West coast, thousands of kilometers away.

When we left each other, after making some real good friends, we huddled together and hugged and cried and he gave me a very special gift, something he really treasured. I was so impressed. I was almost going to give it back, but that would have hurt him. I will keep that gift forever and make sure I keep it in a safe place, where I can admire it all the time.

So you see, what we can do, when we have a sympathetic ear.

We can all be of service to our neighbours and friends, but we must make time. When someone is in trouble, we must forgo our personal desires for a little time and help those in need. We can all be counsellors when we want to be and help the needy.
Have you ever had a time, YOU wanted to talk to someone about your stresses in life, be it relationship problems or job related issues etc?

Maybe you feel stressed out now? Well, please ask a good friend to hear you out and help you get back on the right path, or find a good professional counsellor. You can save your life that way!

Lots of love from me, Shanti.


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