Crystals and their disappearance

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As we all know, crystals have been used for many years, in Healing, Love, Chakra healing, Protection, Creativity, Dreams, Money, Power, Good luck, Indicating birthstones and for all sorts of other reasons.

They are very powerful accelerators of our minds and our will.

There is much written about crystals and we can find this on the internet and many books from Crystal Shops around the world.

My article is about the disappearance of crystals.

Here are a few examples of myself and others, who have suddenly found their favourite crystal gone and could not be found.

The first story is about a friend, who used her crystal as a pendulum, for contacting the spirits of the departed and she used it on a daily basis.

One day she wanted to do some more work with her crystal and she could not find it, where she usually placed it on her desk. She was perplexed and searched everywhere for it, but without success. For days she searched and almost turned the house upside down, but still nothing. She was a bit concerned, as this particular crystal was her favourite tool to work with contacting the spirits.

She decided not to look for it any longer and had a break from her work for a few days. The work she did was quite challenging and she decided it would not hurt her to have a break from it.

On a warm and sunny day, she decided to go and have a swim in the backyard pool. It was later in the afternoon and she was really looking forward to a refreshing dip. As she was standing on the paved section around the pool, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a brightly coloured ray. As she looked into the direction of this light, she found her favourite crystal, lying beside the pool. She was wondering, what her crystal was doing there.

Well, most users of crystals know, that crystals we use for healing and all the other things mentioned  above, need to be cleansed, especially in the beginning, before we use them, to clean them of foreign influences, caused by other people handling them and all sorts of other reasons.

She then realised, that she had used this crystal for months and without a break from, person to person. She had also noticed, before the crystal disappeared, that it was not working as effectively, as when it was first used.

When she found it, she also realised that the crystal itself decided, it needed cleansing and went for a cleansing session of its own.

Cleansing crystals is often done in the sun. Whenever I get a new crystal and want to use it, I always leave it in the sun for a day, wash it in sea water or even bright moonlight will do the same.

Once cleansed, the crystal should never be touched by anyone else and this is an important thing to remember. Place your crystal in a small cloth bag, when you are not using it or at least leave it somewhere, so no body will touch it.

Case two.

My own experiences are even more remarkable.

The first instance. I was wearing a crystal around my neck for protection and had it there for months. One evening, we decided to go out to the cinema and I was in the bathroom getting organised and cleaned up. I was just standing there in front of the washbasin and the crystal fell on the floor. I though this to be strange and picked it up and put it back on the little cord around my neck. We went out and had a lovely evening. Before going to bed, I used the bathroom and again the crystal fell off its cord. I realised then, that it did not want or needed to be there anymore, so I put it in a box and stopped wearing it. I thought about it all and decided I did not need the protection from the crystal any more. I was fine now and should go on with life. I thanked the crystal for it’s wonderful support, during this time.

The second time something like this happened, I was lying in the sun near a local dam, really enjoying the day. I was wearing a gold chain with a citrine crystal on it, for wealth. The citrine is used, so you will never be without and always have sufficient funds to get by.

As I was lying there, totally still, I suddenly felt a tickling feeling around my neck and I was wondering what caused it. I sat up and the chain, with a very good clasp, HAD COME UNDONE and was lying on the rug under my neck. I looked at it and thought back to the earlier described incidence and straight away I put the crystal aside next to my binoculars. I realised straight away that the crystal had decided, I did not need to wear it anymore. I was fine now and had sufficient means to go on living. I did not need to depend on the crystal for help any longer.

When we packed up to go home, we both picked up things from the rug; I gave the rug a good shake to get rid of some pine needles and went on our way.

On the way home I asked my partner if she had picked up the crystal and she said no. I realised then, I did not need it anymore either, even in the future. So I prayed and asked my Maker, to give it to someone else, who was in need, as I was at the time or if it had gone back to nature, to thank it for its services to me.

These and many more stories are around and I have heard many tales, where the lost crystal has turned up in a strange place, nowhere near where it could have gone astray or where it was used.

Please, be happy to use crystals for all sorts of reasons and do not be disappointed, if when the time comes when you are healed, it will want to leave you or is telling you that you have reached your goal,

With much love, Shanti.


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