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“Vitamins and minerals in fresh food”


I introduced the endive as an unusual vegetable on the previous page, only that in Australia it hasn’t become a very popular vegetable amongst the true Aussies, but the European and Eastern migrants, certainly have made it more popular.

It can be a little bitter and that is good for the liver, but if the vegetable is picked after a good few days of frost, it will sweeten up considerably, like the brassicas, especially the Brussels sprouts. Speaking of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, but also in Holland, they have a variety called witlof,which is very popular in Europe. It is somewhat bitter, but the way my Mum used to prepare it, we ate it heartily as children.

Endive is rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals and should be eaten regularly during the winter, when it is picked.

Recipes are numerous and should be looked into.

Vitamins: K extraordinarily high, A, C, B5, B9, all high, B2, E, B1.

Minerals: All high.

Sometimes we come across a real beauty like the Bok Choy, but here we have another winner. Some vegetables mature during the colder months and others during the summer. That is great, so we can have good food all the time.

Please try them and make a habit of introducing them to others as well.


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