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Hi every one.

It is so amazing to hear and read about SUN ON YOUR SKIN, CAUSES SKIN CANCER. Well if you over-do the suntanning, as in every thing else, you take the risk of baking your skin, which causes all sorts of problems.

Sunshine is a NATURAL and safe way, to PREVENT CANCERS OF ALL KINDS. Sunshine gives us vitamin D, which is so important. Since man was put on this earth, sunshine has given him the wonderful protection from cancers and other sicknesses.

This will probably shock you, as for years now we have been brainwashed, to slip, slop, slap and protect ourselves from the wonderful life-giving sun. Since those warnings, skin cancer and other cancers have been on the increase. WHY?

We have deprived ourselves of Vitamin D, which naturally is a cancer fighter, as vitamin D converts to CALCITRIOL in the body, which repairs damage from cancer cells

Sunscreens are very damaging to the body, but they are produced by money hungry companies, who really don’t care about your health.

Vitamin D reduces the spread and reproduction of cancer cells, yes all cancer cells, not just melanomas.

It has been estimated that 600,000 cases of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancers and colorectal cancers could be prevented, if Vitamin D would be increased.

Recently I saw adverting done, for people to take Vitamin D supplements.


Why, because there is money to be made. On the one hand these people warn you not to have sunshine on your skin, which makes vitamin D, and on the other hand they than want to sell you their unnatural, chemical products for monetary gain.

You see the scam, again?

We have to be on our guard all the time and when suggestions are made, we must investigate why, after years of problem free living, suddenly we are doing the wrong thing.

I wrote about Colloidal Silver, nature’s anti biotic. Before 1938, only colloidal silver was used to treat and cure somewhere in the vicinity of 640 different diseases. Suddenly it was not good any more we were led to believe by the Big Pharma, so they decided to produce a medication for thousands of ailments, at a very big cost to you, AND WITH MANY NASTY SIDE EFFECTS. (Find out what contra-indications your prescribed drug has, before you take it.)

Today, most of these antibiotics have lost their punch and colloidal silver is already being used AGAIN in hospitals, for various purposes. I and another large amount of people, are using colloidal silver and keep ourselves well. I have not been to a doctor for any ailments for over 47 years. YOU CAN MAKE COLLOIDAL SILVER AT HOME. See in the back of my book

By the way, I have been a very keen sun-worshipper all my life.

As a young child, living in Holland, I was taken to the local hospital, 3 times a week, to have my body radiated with Ultra violet radiation, which I needed to be well. I was short of Vitamin D. The doctor picked that up very well.

Since I have lived in Australia, I have always sported a nice suntan and I feel wonderful. My skin is that of a very young person.

There is another add on TV and it states:”There is nothing healthy about a suntan.”, well this is a blatant LIE!

In life, we know that OVER-DOING anything, is wrong, whether it is eating, exercising , etc. The saying is:”Everything in moderation.”

So suntanning should be done sensibly and gradually, if you have not been in the sun for a while. A few minutes to start and gradually build up and increase the dosage. This will not only do you no harm, but actually makes you healthier.

If the whole population would do that, we could reduce the cancer figures by up to 60%. Remember my saying in “Victory over dis…eases”, we must all do what is right for each one of us. We are all different and we must treat ourselves the way OUR body needs to be treated, not like another body.

The Canadian Cancer Society, endorses Vitamin D as a cancer preventer.

The American Journal of Epidermiology has done tests and found that women of very light skin types, who had high amounts of of long term sun exposure, had half the risk of developing breast cancer, compared to women with lower amounts of regular sun exposure.

Consuming a healthy, natural diet of vegetables daily, which are full of anti-oxidants is also needed. I say fresh, natural, raw (preferably) and unprocessed. This should comprise of over 50% of your food intake DAILY.

Also the intake of Omega 3 and 6 are necessary for the skin to be healthy and protect it against sunburn.

DO NOT OIL your skin, before you go into the sunshine, as this will BAKE your skin, but after you come out of the sunshine, put coconut oil on yourself, to guard against the drying effects of the sun. Ensure that the coconut oil is Virgin, Organic, cold pressed coconut oil. The cheaper variety is not to be used for this purpose. Coconut oil is a wonderful skin lotion for all types of skin and it is the safest of all skin lotions. The people of the Pacific Islands, Papua and other islanders, have used it for years and look at their beautiful skins.

I hope to have cleared up a myth, that suntanning is dangerous.

This myth is: Busted!!!!!

1/ TO BE HEALTHY, ALSO REDUCE YOUR SWEET INTAKE TO ZERO. All sugars, honey,excessive fruit eating, and hidden sugars in foods (processed foods especially).

2/ BE AWARE OF SUBSTITUTES, like aspartame etc. Read my blog about aspartame, please!

3/ Further, read the acid-alkaline sections in “Victory over dis…eases”as well. An alkaline body is always healthy.

I hope I have given you another way of being well in reducing the risk of diseases, which are so rampant in society. Research in a lot of these above mentioned diseases, seems to come to nothing. A lot of money has been collected over many years for research and the results are very poor, so where has the money gone? Why not investigate the NATURAL treatments, that are gaining popularity? Why, because it will affect the pockets of the multi-nationals, that’s why. Than they say:” it is not scientific.” Science does not have a great reputation for reliability, where the good old fashioned treatments are proven reliable through their use over time.

It is also a laugh, when some take-away outlets and soft drink manufacturers advertise their products at sporting fields, where healthy people exercise and then these companies collect and distribute money to combat the diseases these so-called` foods` cause, because they have NO nutritional value at all. (I am being kind. here.) These people are very two-faced , scrupulous and money hungry.

I wish you good health and a long, `dis…ease` free life, Shanti with love.


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