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“Vitamins and minerals in fresh food”


The Kiwi fruit is grown on trellises, a bit like grapevines but made very strongly, as the vine lasts for quite a few years and becomes very heavy with woody vine indeed. They can be grown free standing, but become very scraggly and need to be cut heavily and regularly. It is very difficult to photograph a vine with fruits, as the fruits are hidden behind the leaves. They usually bear very freely and a good crop may be harvested at the end of autumn. The picking is done when the fruit is still quite hard, but they ripen afterwards, like avocados and bananas.

Eating kiwifruit helps to thin the blood the natural way, instead of resorting to aspirin as prescribed by the medical profession. The seeds are a good source of fatty acid Omega 3.

Vitamins: C and K both very high, E, A and B9.

Minerals: Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and Zinc

The fruit is very versatile and is used widely in the kitchen especially in the dessert: Pavlova, Australia’s traditional dessert. Also a favourite in new Zealand.


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