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“Vitamins and minerals in fresh food”


Look at them, will you! Aren’t they brilliant? Yeah and they are so nice. I remember when I was young, we boys used to climb through the fence and pick some at the neighbours place, because freshly picked they were excellent. (Naughty, I know, but we were caught and had to go and apologise. That hurt.)

The cherries we generally eat are sweet and not the tart variety. I will only discuss them for that reason.

Cherries are fairly high in carbohydrates and thus make you feel satisfied easily.

Vitamins: A and C are extremely high and even the Vitamin B group is well represented. Beta carotene is excellent.

Minerals: Potassium, Copper, Iron,Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, are also very high.

The Acerola Cherry, now very popular around the health concious people, has the highest know Vitamin C content amongst the common fruits.

Vitamin C tablets are made from them and I recommend them to you, above all other Vit. C tablets around, as they are also rich in the bioflavenoids.

Cherries are used in the kitchen, but cooking them, will reduce the Vitamin C content a lot, as Vit C is a water soluble vitamin and therefore will be mostly destroyed by heating.


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