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“Vitamins and minerals in fresh food”


The cantaloupe, musk-melon or rock-melon is a popular fruit all around the world and is eaten during the summer months. It is very aromatic and unique in smell and flavour. Because of this aroma, children often do not like them, but once adults, they change their minds quickly.

Vitamins: A, is it’s main vitamin, as in all reddish or orange coloured foods, like carrots etc. Also Vitamins C (H), B3 and B5, are represented well.

Minerals: Potassium (H), and Manganese are good and therefore Cantaloupes should be part of your diet during the right season.

Sometimes people put melons in a fruit salad, but that is NOT recommended. Melons of all kinds, should always be eaten on their own. In my book, I write about food combinations and these are very valuable hints.

When you choose a cantaloupe, smell it at the stem end and smell the aroma. If it does not have that, the fruit is not ripe enough. Melons do not ripen on the shelf, unlike avocados and bananas, which are picked green, but ripe enough to mature on the fruit bowl.

Cantaloupes are fairly rich in carbohydrates and therefore can fill you up quickly and make you feel satisfied easily. During the summer months, they can be a meal on their own and cooling as well.

I hope you are enjoying these pages and I will keep them coming

Remember after fruits, there will the vegetables as well, so watch this space!


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