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“Vitamins and minerals in fresh food”


The avocado, “yammo”, what a delicious fruit and so versatile. Some people think the avocado is a vegetable. The trees are quite large, but not too high, so harvesting is usually not a problem. The fruits ripen on the trees, but only after picking, they mature and soften. The pulp is a light green and is butter-like. Very good food for heart patients.

Vitamins: A, E, and K are abundant in avocados.

Minerals :Magnesium, Manganese, Copper Potassium and Iron are all in a High concentration in the pulp.

Quite a number of trace elements are found as well and therefore the avocado should be consumed regularly.

The unripe fruit is high in tannins and should be avoided

The pulp makes great dips in combination with hommous and cottage cheese or fetta cheese and is used in the Mexican dip Guacamole.

Small portions of avocado make a green salad something special.

Altogether, the avocado is a rich source of health giving nutrients and almost every one benefits from them.

There are some people, who have an allergy to them, but this is only a very small percentage of the population.

Not much more to say, except try them if you haven’t eaten them before and make sure the fruit is soft to a little pressure at the stem end. Always chose even coloured fruits, without blemishes. Some varieties are a dark, almost purple in colour, where the variety above is a Hass, all green. Other varieties are almost round and do not have the pear shape.


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