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Meeting people.

So often when I am out, someone will want to meet me, almost unexpectedly. Here are some examples.

One day, when I was parked in a national park, I sat talking to some other caravaners and a station wagon pulled up in front of us, about 30 metres away. When the lady stepped out of her car, immediately I got this feeling, that she was calling me to come over and talk to her.

I told the caravaners about this feeling and they looked at me, as if I was just about to pick up a lady. Their looks were something to be believed and I therefore I had to explain, that I get these feelings very strongly. This happened just on dark and I did not want her to feel strange about me coming over at that time.

The next morning, at about 9.30, I went over to see her and said to her, that I felt she was calling for help and if that was not so to tell to go away. She admitted she was calling and she knew someone was coming for her. We sat for at least 2 hours, talking about her predicaments and she was very pleased we met. During the next few days there, we kept meeting each other on occasions and had some meals together at times.

The day came that she was leaving for other places and we said goodbye and she thanked me for helping her so much.

Off she went and I left the next day myself to go further afield.

The next day, we met again, totally unexpectedly in a place we certainly had not planned. Again we talked and there was so much more to talk about. She also asked me, to tell her about myself, as she said, I never hear about my counsellors’ background.

I shared my past with her and she too was able to help me in various ways.

You would not believe this, but we kept bumping into each other for 5 weeks and all this time we discussed some of her and my past, completing a really good round of counselling both ways.

Later at another national park, I arrived somewhat late, as the trip was a bit slow, due to foggy and rainy conditions on the way there. As I arrived, there was only one car there and the driver, a young man of 29, was leaning on the bonnet.

As soon as I drove past them to park my caravan, I got this feeling again, that he wanted to see me and even a feeling of him thinking: “Why are you so late, I have been waiting here for ages.” I parked the van and went over to see him and as soon as we were introduced to each other he said out of the blue: “Can I come over in the morning to talk to you?”, as if he knew I was a counsellor, something I have done for years. I said sure.

In the morning he came over and we sat and talked for 1½ hours and really solved his problem. His girlfriend came over and when we parted, they both hugged me and thanked me for all I had done. They put their arms around each other and hopped and skipped away to their car, packed up and waved goodbye, till they were completely out of sight. They were so grateful. Strange how things turn out, but as I always say, all these meetings are synchronised by the Higher Power for a good reason.

That night, after being on my own for the whole day, in this large park, where you could park 50 or 60 caravans, 2 caravans came into the same national park and parked near me, but with a nice distance between us.

The next morning one of the men came over and said: “I hope I did not disturb you last night, as I was playing my guitar.” I told him if I had heard it I would have come over as I like guitar music. Oh he said, we must get together tonight and play some music and have a little get together with the other people. As the night drew near, we all went to this van and sat down and had a few drinks (of water for me). The conversation followed and was concentrated on health. Both couples had big problems and wanted to come and talk to me the next morning.

They did and one after the other couple were interviewed and I was able to help them in setting a pattern for their future life. They bought my book (2010 version) and went away very happy. We are still in touch and they are doing very well.

Even more recent (August, 8. 2011), as I was on a drive to introduce and sell my latest version of the hard copy, which came out on August 5, I stopped in the coastal town of Batemans Bay in NSW, on my way to Lismore, to hold a book launch, I gave a copy to hold, to a lady in the health food shop. Almost immediately she said:” I feel so happy, I want to cry”. She showed a few little tears of happiness and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She said that by holding the book in her hands, she could feel the peace and love, which I promote in the book.

That was so lovely and she was given a copy to look at during he evening. I went back the next day and they bought 3 copies to sell in the shop. That was very pleasing for me as well.

Just before this, I stopped in a shop to ask where the health food shop was and a customer in this shop took me outside and pointed me in the right direction. Before we parted, she was talking and asked me if I was on holidays. The conversation switched to the book and she said that if I wrote some information about myself and the book, she would write an article in her column in the local newspaper and help promote the cause. She writes a column every week about topical happenings around the area. Then she said that I should hold a book launch in this town, upon which I told her, that I was on the way to Lismore to do just that.

That same afternoon, I was having some lunch in a healthy café with my brother and a lady was sitting near the window, on my left, reading a magazine. After 10 minutes, I said to my brother:”This lady near the window wants my book.” He said :”How do you know that?” I said to him to wait and see.

She got up to leave, came over to our table and said :”Can I have a look at this book?”, which was lying on the table near my left elbow. I said :”Yes, of course, because I want as many people as possible to read what I have written”. She sat down beside me and looked at it and felt the book and said I want a copy. She pulled out her purse and paid me for it and had it signed. She walked away very happy.


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