Blocked sinuses

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Sinuses, once blocked, can leave the sufferer with a nasty pain in the face and you may have difficulty breathing as well.

There are so many chemical inhalers on the market, but I would rather see you use a natural method. One I have recommended to my patients for years, is the use of seawater inhaled through the nose and expelled through the mouth.

This works so well, that usually it only takes a few washes to unblock the nose and sinus. I always recommend that the sufferer takes a container full of seawater home with them and have it there in case you have to repeat the process.

Seawater is very healing, because it has so many minerals in it, which can only do us good. Very few people have a problem with this process and come away free from all the pressure(s) in the head area.

Colloidal silver, will do the same thing and will be more accessible for those people who do not live near the sea or, live near a polluted sea.

Hydrogen Peroxide, a very good product, used correctly, can be used here as well. The quality to use is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, broken down to 3%. Why break down a 35% mixture, when you can buy the 3% from the pharmacist? Well, the quality of 35% Food Grade, is absolutely pure H²O² without fillers, such as stabilisers etc., which are in the mixtures from the pharmacy. When you deal with internal matters, such as sinuses, or other ways of taking this H²O², by mouth, something I will deal with at an other time, you cannot be too careful, with quality. The other products may be used on the skin in an emergency, but even there I would be sceptical of its purity, as the skin absorbs things readily, as mentioned under the heading of SOAPS.

What H²O² does, is oxygenate the tissues, something we need to do much more of. The oxygen in the air is getting very low. In a clean country area, away from industry, we might find that the oxygen level in the air is about 20%, which in itself is reasonably low these days. In the cities however, this percentage is something like 10% and this is too low. People don’t breathe deeply any more and those who smoke, well you’re asking for trouble.

Sinus and other breathing passages, can be fairly badly affected by the air. The quality of the air has a lot to do with our general health. Our breathing organs, the lungs and its associated body parts, the nose, the airways etc., are the first organs to deal with negative air. These organs should be working well to be healthy. When we breathe deeply, and regularly, we take in more oxygen, which fights infections throughout our tissues. No negative pathogens can survive in an oxygen rich atmosphere and therefore we should be healthy all the time. Colloidal silver does much the same; it too creates a pathogen free zone, when taken.

Oxygen therapy has been around for a long time and is used constantly throughout the world successfully to combat deep-seated problems of infections anywhere in the body.

People who have had their tonsils removed, always have more trouble with sinus problems. The removal of tonsils, hinders the flow of lymphatic fluid. Again, experience has shown me these things to be true and with herbal mixtures I was always able to clear and make healthy, those parts of the airways, affected by an infection.

My suggestion is to start doing some very deep breathing exercises, this means deeply breathing out, out, out…. and then breathing in through the nose, pushing out the abdomen first and then lifting the chest, to get a maximum amount of air in the lungs. You will be surprised, how much air you can breathe, BUT DON’T RUSH THE VERY DEEP BREATHING, as it could make you dizzy.

Start slowly, as always, and allow the body to get used to doing this. Some people also find it a little painful at first, because we just haven’t done this for so long; almost a new experience!

So get all the oxygen you can get, breathe in a clean area, near the beach or in the forest. Relax when you breathe, enjoy the experience.

Lots of good times to you from Shanti.


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