JUNKFOOD! What is the problem with that?

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What is the problem with “Junk food”?

I cannot understand the Health Departments and the Governments in NOT doing the right thing about the children eating junk food and that is what these people call it, JUNK FOOD!

Junk food is obviously not good and we still allow the rogues in these establishments, to produce stuff which I class as trash and it is all for money. Private people have told me that they have bought some of these “so-called” hamburgers, left them un-refrigerated for over 2 years and they looked exactly the same as the day they were bought. Not even the weevils got into the buns and there was no sign of deterioration at all. Just the same as they were 2 years before. I have heard these stories from a number of people. Others were found under the front seat of the car, were the child did not eat his burger, put it back in the bag and tossed it on the floor, only to be found some time later, when the car was given a good detailing.

Is this not enough to tell you that these blobs of so-called foods aren’t real?

Proper food deteriorates after a very short time and that is nature’s way of getting rid of the leftovers and for them to go back to the earth.


Are the health workers serious about health? Are the governments serious about stopping obesity? Where is the education department’s responsibility? Sitting on your hands is not achieving anything.

Why do we talk about these things forever and ever, without action?

The children are suffering and all the officials do is yep and do not act.

Daily we hear news items about the subject, how the population is getting fatter and how unhealthy we are, but still no action.

Watch what the average customer puts in their trolley, when shopping in the supermarket.

Loads of white bread, low fat milk, diet colas, tin foods, instant meals to be microwaved, polystyrene containers with instant noodles (just add hot water) and the list goes on. Hey folks, this is bad and I am sorry to have to tell you again, but in the book I have gone to great lengths, what the food should like we are eating, so we can be well and trim. No rubbish should ever be eaten and the stuff I just mentioned and all the take-aways are absolute crap. (Sorry for the expression, but I cannot be more specific).

I have heard all the excuses about being busy and not having time to cook and all that. This does not give you the right to abuse yourself and your children the way you are. YES I AM MAD, BELIEVE YOU ME and I am not retracting any of my statements. I am an older citizen and have looked after myself. I am still able to drive around the country, prepare my meals, have cold showers sometimes, which I do not like, but I want to be clean just the same, do my washing and care for the car and caravan. I have to shop as well and I find it difficult to find good quality food, but I manage and I try hard to buy from road stalls and from farm gates when I am travelling. I sprout my own seeds for fresh, organic food. I eat fresh fruits wherever I am and yes I too sin sometimes, but you must read my word: SOMETIMES. I will NEVER eat at these family restaurants, that would be the limit for me. I would rather go hungry. To put that stuff into your system, you must be mad; I mean it!

Do I have to spell it out again? If you read my book, I have been very nice and given you warnings in a gentle way, but that was written a few years ago. Now we are still talking and still nothing is done about the problem. As I said, I am fuming as I sit here writing this blog. I hope you are with me and follow the road to health yourself, even if he officials won’t do their job. Why do they get paid? I thought people get paid when they achieve something. These so and so’s don’t deserve to be in the job at all.

We should all attack our local members of parliament, State and Federal and tell them to pull their fingers out and act for the people they are supposed to represent and that includes our children. For them to get something done for once, instead of talking about it, would be nice. Lay it on the line and say to them that if nothing gets done soon, they will not be there at the next election. Make them keep their pre-election promises. Write them down if you must and get them to sign the statements they make, so they will do their utmost to fulfil them.

Oh, I am still seething! What is wrong with the world?

In the book, you must have read, that everything is going to change and we must be prepared. It will not be difficult, but we must start now, to grow some things at home, even if we grow in pots on the verandah; something is better than nothing and every little bit you can grow will be so much better for you than the bought stuff.

Ask he children to help, they love it. Forgive me if I have upset you but I love you all and that’s why I am writing this down, but I could keep quiet and keep it all to myself.

Many of my patients have asked me why I have not passed my knowledge on to others who have come on the scene after I retired. Well I tried very hard, but so many professionals, who have come through the regular channels of learning, seem to know it all. As soon as they leave University, they forget that years of experience mean so much. I am happy to say, that one Osteopath was interested and we spent some time together, delving into my ways of manipulation. I was not able to show her a great deal, as the situation did not allow me to, but yes, a little bit is still there somewhere. Shanti.


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