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Block soaps or bar soaps, whether made from natural materials or commercial types, are all prone to a multitude of spores, moulds, fungi and any other airborne nasties. These are attracted by the bar of soap, lying on the side of the handbasin, bath or on the shower tray.

In a wet condition, soaps are so vulnerable to the attack of all the above, where they multiply and live, becoming a haven for infections of the most dangerous kind.

You can see the moulds building up on your bar soap, leaving blackish streaks in the soap.

It has been found that even E.coli bacteria will thrive on soap and can infect the user of the soap.

My recommendation is ALWAYS use an organic body shampoo, with a Ph. Number of 5.5, in a closed container with a pump action dispenser, so no outside airborne nasties can enter the container, keeping the fluid free from all contamination.

The second reason, not to use block soaps is because they are very ALKALINE.

In my book, VICTORY OVER DIS…EASES, I mention how good it is to be alkaline. Yes, that is on the inside, but our skin, the largest organ of the body, is an acid organ and should be kept that way. The Ph. of the skin is about 5.5 and all the soaps I have tested over the years, whether natural, goats milk, whatever whatever, are all very much higher in Ph. and some are as high as Ph. 14.

Once we move from say Ph. 5 to Ph. 6, it is not simply one point away from 5, but actually 10 times more alkaline. In the case of skin, this is quite damaging, as these alkaline soaps can strip a lot of good and protective layers from our skin, leaving the skin unprotected and dry.

The average bar of soap I have tested has a Ph. Figure of 12. Here you have a situation, where the alkalinity is 7Ph. points away from the skin, so making the alkalinity 7¹º, which means 7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7= 282,475,249 times more alkaline than it should be. This is a staggering figure and not surprising that so many people have poor skins, stripped clean from all its natural protection.

Now we have created a situation, where we have to replace some of the oils etc., to make the skin feel comfortable. We go shopping and buy usually a cheap product to do the job, but here we create another problem. Most of these products are laced with nasty chemical compounds, which do us some more harm.(I’m sorry, but I must tell you what I know!)

I make studies of the products available in super markets and the ones people buy. I see customers turning over a bottle or a jar with skin cream or whatever they are looking for and then take the product home to use. As soon as the customer has moved on, I start to read the ingredients label of that product and read about some horrific chemicals, which do so much damage and some can even cause cancer. Some of these products are mentioned in my book.

It is all very difficult and I know that, but…we must do our best and do some research, before we ruin our bodies.

As the skin is the largest organ of the body, it therefore also absorbs the largest amount of whatever it comes in contact with. If we bathe in chlorinated water for instance, we absorb quite a few chemicals into our body, so be aware of this and any other chemicals we touch. A dry and flaky skin after a `chlorinated water` shower, is very common and it may even itch. Have you found that to happen to you?

There is nothing healthier, than bathing in a stream (Do not use soap or whatever whilst in the water, so as not to pollute the water) and also in seawater, because you absorb quite a few minerals from seawater.

Now we come to what to use, whilst we bathe.

There are now quite a few natural, organic body shampoos available, which are free of the nasty chemicals such as: SLS (sodium laurel sulphate), SLDS (sodium-laureth-di-sulphate), Glycol and a host of others, which are VERY harmful. Look at all the chemical compounds on the label and look them up on the internet please. Very often they are very hard to read, as they are purposely printed on a dark background, such as green or red. The companies producing these chemicals are very cunning and even have up to 12 different names for some of these chemicals, so it becomes more difficult for you to do your homework, but please be persistent and once you have done it, you can relax.

There are times, when we do not necessarily need to use a medium, such as soap or body shampoo to have a shower or a bath. I recommend body brushing with a natural bristle body brush or loofah

sponge. These two can be used either wet or dry, before or during the actual washing of the skin and do a mighty job. So have a think about that. Do NOT use an artificial scrubber, as an form of plastic is taboo. It will be an experience, to have a healthy skin, which feels smooth and silky.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT THE RINSING OF YOUR SKIN, AFTER A SHOWER, IS DONE VERY WELL, whatever you use. No residue should be left there to irritate you. After a shower or bath, pamper your skin with natural, virgin coconut oil, without perfumes of any kind. Use a small amount and rub the coconut oil in very well. Add a little of your favourite, organic essential oil to it, but only a tiny amount. (By the way, coconut oil will solidify, below 25º C, so always keep a small amount in a jar, where it is warm). It is the BEST way to keep a healthy skin.

Now, something that may surprise you. Washing detergents can be a real problem for some people as well. I have mentioned this in my book also. These products are made to a price, not quality.

In Australia, we can get Laundry balls, ECO BALLS, filled with ceramic beads, which do the same job as the detergents and break the surface tension of the water. After all, that is what laundry detergents do, but they also put a lot of chemicals in the water at the same time, which cannot be rinsed out in the wash so easily. The remnants stay in your clothes and can irritate a large percentage of the population.

Another product I came across (and I am using them now), are the “Soap nuts”, grown in India. These soap nuts are activated by putting boiling water over them in a cup and let stand for 5 minutes or so. Than the bag with the soap nuts and the water they soaked in, are put all together in the washing machine and they remain there for both washing and rinsing cycles. These nuts are especially good for coloured clothes as there are NO bleaches in them. The washing smells fresh, without artificial chemical perfumes and there are no harmful ingredients left in the clothes and the clothes feel soft. People with skin allergies will feel so comfortable. They are very economical as well and each small hand full can be re-used 5 to 6 times. The washing water, after use, is clean and free from any chemicals and can safely be used in the garden. The spent nuts, can go straight into the garden or compost heap: ALL NATURAL. – ALL GOOD! If you are interested at all get onto:, and get all the info you need.

Something I have not mentioned yet is the fact that soaps leave a messy shower, as the residue from the soap, splashes onto the walls of the shower, which eventually can become a mouldy mess if left unattended, especially on the grouting of he tiles. This dirty looking mould is the same as I mentioned above and consists of all the same nasties again. Using body shampoos, which should have a Ph. number of 5.5, doesn’t have nearly the same problem and your shower stays cleaner a lot longer. I do not suggest you leave your shower till it is so dirty, that you have to use heavy chemicals to clean it. This is what is advertised all the time, but if you rinse the walls after a shower straight away or wipe them over with a chamois, the maintenance of the shower is minimal.

To clean a shower, bath, toilet or anything else for that matter, I suggest you use Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle and once sprayed on the surface, wait about 6 minutes and this grime starts to run down your tiles and all you need to do is lightly wipe the tiles over with a cloth and rinse the walls off. The H²O² also disinfects the area you are cleaning.

There is a company in Queensland, exporting their products overseas, called: `Wonder Products`. The address is 3/10 Dual Ave. Kawana, Qld. Phone: 07 5493 5801.Ask to speak to Neil.

They make H²O² blocks, which you soak in water for 24 hours and the end product is a concentration of liquid, perfect for what I have described for the home.

Wonder Products make another type of block, which is used in caravan and motor home toilets and does away with the messy liquid deodorisers now on the market. They are very environmentally safe and have no obnoxious perfume either. 2We should follow some instructions of using earth friendly products such as bi-carb of soda, vinegar, salt and even toothpaste, to take scratches out of the kitchen sink.

There are books on these subjects and have been around for a long time, warning us of the DANGERS of chemicals in the home. Read HEALTHY HOMES in my book and see what there is lurking in an average house, exposing little children to severe chemicals in furniture and carpets for instance.

On the internet you can go to Then click on `cheap and easy recipes` and you will find some very interesting recipes to follow.

Jean Morrisson, the author, suggests a few household items, most people have in the house all the time anyway, such as the above mentioned ones plus cloudy ammonia, cream of tartar, olive oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and glycerine. Good old-fashioned items, that are absolutely safe around the home and NOT dangerous to children’s health.

Please, dear reader, consider these suggestions very seriously as I mentioned in my book, that the children you brought into this world are your precious possessions and deserve to be treated like that for the rest of their lives. We must educate them in the above use of safe materials, for one day their turn will come to have children and for them to pass on this knowledge to them, your grand children.

Google:Natural Cleaning Products

Recipes for natural cleaning products, Click on: .

Okay, that’s all for soaps and cleaners. I hope I have enlightened you with some good information, something to help you to be even healthier. Bye for now! Shanti


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