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Childbirth. Here I will follow up on my article in the book about childbirth, since there is a story in the news at present about a young woman in England, wanting a child so desperately, that her mother has stepped in and wants to donate her womb, to be transplanted into her daughter so her wish will be fulfilled.

Well, I wrote, that when a couple, a husband and a wife, want a baby, they should prepare themselves in a most precious way, for a baby to be conceived, in love and really wanted by the parents. This baby, must know from the moment it is being considered, that the parents have made all sacrifices, in harmony and love, to welcome this newborn into the world.

The people in the case at the centre of all this controversy, seem to be so selfish, that the baby is just some sort of by-product of their greed, `wanting a baby,` whatever it cost. I am not talking in terms of money, that’s their problem, but the baby is not considered at all. Does this baby have any rights? It does not seem that way. If you would like to read more about my feeling for newborn babies, read the article about `Childbirth` and read all my emotional feeling about the subject of childbirth.

What about the girls mother? What is wrong with her? I know, she loves her daughter enough to do almost anything for her, BUT, her body could be ruined forever and so could the body of the daughter. The second operation will be necessary to reverse the process and that is ridiculous.

Having a baby naturally, is set aside for the majority of our women folk and it is the ultimate experience for them, however, some of you ladies were not meant to have children and the reason cannot always be found. In the case of that lady I came across in the book, it was so obvious that if she had a baby, it would be born a cripple,

When we plan a child, we must be extremely healthy, yes the father as well as the mother, should do anything to have their bodies in perfect order, BEFORE conception, to allow the sperm and the egg, to be of a high quality. I mention in the book, about race horses and racing pigeons. They are chosen for top breeding and if the male or the female of the species is not top quality, they are put down and certainly not used for breeding.

I do not suggest any thing as drastic as that in cases where people are not healthy; that sounds a bit like `hitlerism, but you know what I mean. I really hope you do. I love children and cannot do enough for them when I meet them. They are beautiful.

A baby deserves the best of health from the very moment of conception, right through to adulthood. Only the parents can give that assurance, by doing everything they can for it to happen.

I am not telling these good people what to do. I know that the future mother will be a very good mother for a baby, because she is going to allow her body to be subjected to torture for her baby, BUT it is not right. Women who cannot conceive, for whatever reason, must really think very hard to find a solution, which is solid and good for the baby to be.

When this young woman eventually has her baby, and I hope she does if she goes through with all this, she may not be able to feed the baby herself, due to many complications that have been raised. Here again, the baby suffers, as it is so necessary for this little infant, to receive the best food for it to make it to childhood, and a strong adult. Surrogacy doesn’t solve the mother’s plight of bearing her own child.

I sincerely hope that this family finds a different way to have a child, by adoption or whatever, because what they are planning is WRONG.

I know it is not the same as bearing the child yourself and rearing it and be parents to your own creation, but the baby has rights too and it should have some say, in what you re doing.

I really know what she is going through and if I was there with her, I would console her in her venture. I really want to help those in need. She is my sister on this planet and I will help, if I can.

I hope too that this lovely lady will find the answer soon and will be at peace with the decision.

For goodness sake, don’t do this for an adventure, just to get known around the world. That would be so sick! Don’t get sucked into the medical experimental trick either, that would be even worse.

Please pray for her everyone, that she will be okay whatever is going to happen and that the baby will be healthy and strong. Love to all. Shanti


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